March 17, 2024 | Product Guide | By Gordon Stark

“Why high-strength CBD options can work out to be very expensive

As the owner of Incr-edibles CBD, I have watched market changes with interest over the past five years. I have seen changes in how products are marketed to customers and adjustments to the CBD products available. I have witnessed a few things that are beneficial to the industry and work in the suppliers’ and customers’ best interests. However, one of these changes is not mainly in customers best interests and can cost much more money for their CBD than it needs to.


The problem

The problem that I am referring to concerns 10ml bottles containing high-strength CBD. I will explain this shortly, but before I do so, I would like to say that there is absolutely no reason why I cannot replicate this within the products we sell here at Incr-edibles.

“I choose not to and have provided my reasons below.”


How to calculate the strength of CBD per drop:

Each 10ml bottle of CBD will contain approximately 200 drops of CBD liquid. If this CBD has a strength of, say, 5000mg CBD, what this means is that every single drop of liquid will contain 25mg of CBD.

The calculation is simply 5000mg CBD divided by 200 drops = 25mg CBD per drop.


Two examples using different dosage amounts

We have used dosage amounts totalling both 14mg CBD and also 30mg CBD for the purpose of this article. These amounts were chosen randomly.


14mg dosage requirement:

So, keeping this in mind, if your required dosage amount for your requirements is only 14mg CBD, you would be losing 11mg of CBD every time you dose because every single drop contains 25mg CBD. This loss would amount to a whopping 44% of the overall cost of your product. Given that bottles of CBD at these strengths of 5000mg per bottle are often more than £100, that could amount to losing about £44 or more over the course of your 10ml bottle.


30mg dosage requirement:

On the other hand, if your required dose were 30mg CBD, the loss would still be 40% and therefore £40 wastage on a bottle priced at £100. This loss is because at one drop of 25mg CBD, you would still need to take another drop, and because you have little flexibility at these strengths, you have to use two drops (50mg CBD) instead of the 30mg CBD amount you need. This results in you having to take 20mg CBD more than you actually need to meet your specific dosage requirement.


The Solution

The best way to avoid this problem and get value for money is to consider purchasing larger 30ml bottles or reduced-concentration CBD in 10ml bottles. Either way, these options will give you much more flexibility in reaching your required dosage requirements without unnecessary wastage, which should save you money.


Black 10ml dropper bottle standing upright showing gold coloured writing that states CBD Water Soluble of strength 1000mg by Incr-edibles CBD.


For example, if we look back to the criteria above and decide to use a 10ml bottle containing only 1000mg CBD instead of 5000mg CBD and use identical dosage amounts.

This time there is 1000mg CBD divided by 200 drops = 5mg CBD per drop.


If, as in the first example above, your dosage requirement is still 14mg CBD, you only need to use three drops of CBD oil (15mg CBD). Using this would equate to only 1mg of CBD being wasted, which would only work out as 6.66% instead of 44% wastage using the high-strength option above.


If, as in the 2nd example we used above, 30mg CBD was the optimum dosage for you, then this would equate to 6 drops, and there would be no wastage. When using 10 ml bottles, we advocate using CBD strengths of around 1000mg or less. This way, if you require a slightly higher dosage amount, then do this by taking more drops at a lower CBD content per drop instead of one or two high-strength drops. The savings can be significant as we have pointed out in this article.


The benefit of using 30ml bottles instead of 10ml bottles

While the CBD market appears to be moving towards these smaller 10ml high-strength products mentioned previously, 10ml bottles containing CBD at a reduced strength can prove to be much better value for money. Additionally, 30ml bottles also offer customers much greater flexibility and thus, as a result, help save money in the process. The reason for this flexibility is due to the number of drops contained within the bottle. Each 30ml bottle of CBD includes three times as many drops (approximately 600 drops) as the 10ml bottles at 200 drops .

Black 30ml dropper bottle standing upright showing gold coloured writing that states CBD Water Soluble of strength 1200mg by Incr-edibles CBD.

 If we went with a 30ml bottle containing 1200mg CBD, every single drop would be 2mg of CBD.

This calculation is 1200mg CBD divided by 600 drops = 2mg CBD per drop.


Again, using the initial dosage example listed above, a 14mg CBD dosage requirement would equate to 7 drops precisely with no wastage incurred. With the second example of a 30mg CBD dose, this would be a straightforward 15 drops, and again there is no wastage at all.


In Summary

While we understand that you may be offered discounts as you move to higher-strength options, the savings in no way compensate for the losses accrued by the product wastage.  We hope that by providing the above information we have given you an insight into how you can enjoy your CBD journey without paying more than is necessary and you are better equipped to make a good choice. Additionally, higher concentrations of CBD in the product make for a less pleasant tasting experience.


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