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"545" CBD & CBG Sample Bottles Range by Incr-edibles

"545" CBD & CBG Sample Bottles Range by Incr-edibles

"545" CBD & CBG Sample Bottles Range by Incr-edibles

The "545" CBD & CBG Sample Bottles Range by Incr-edibles is, without doubt, the pride of our collection. The idea behind these 5ml bottles arose from the need for a CBD company to provide an opportunity for potential customers to sample CBD and or CBG products at an affordable cost. We feel we have achieved this by offering these 5ml sample bottles of various types of CBD oil and related Cannabinoids for just £5 each. Our name "545" originates from the idea of providing 5ml for just £5. 

We had seen many situations where customers were paying more than £30 to try products which they didn't know would work or not. If you have not tried these products before or are looking to try alternatives to the CBD or CBG you currently buy, we recommend you consider these options. Each sample bottle will give you about 7-10 days worth of product to use, whereas the Water Soluble option could last as many as 20 days.

Premium Quality CBD & CBG Samples

Please note that the price offered here is in no way a reflection of the quality of these CBD and CBG oils. The pricing at £5 per bottle is our way of giving customers the chance to sample our products cheaply before making a more costly investment in their CBD or CBG of choice.

You can redeem the £5 cost of these sample bottles against your first purchase of any of the bigger bottles of the same product. Should you then proceed to use this offer, it ultimately makes this a Free CBD oil sample. In this light, this particular set of products and the deal we offer is one in which we take great pride.  

Water Soluble CBD         This type of CBD can be up to 10x more effective than oil-based CBD due to its compatibility with our bodies. As our bodies contain approximately 70% water, this is much easier to absorb than CBD contained within an oil-based tincture. The water solubility results in the CBD's effectiveness being much higher as the body can process it in a more manageable way. This increase in Bioavailability means that as well as getting the maximum effect from the CBD, you need less of the product, making it a very economical CBD option compared with oil-based alternatives.

CBD Flavoured Oil            Here we have our 99% Pure CBD Isolate-based oil. While the sample bottle provided is normally unflavoured, the larger bottles within this range have flavoured options. These include Strawberry, Banana, Orange, Lemon, and Mint. We have produced these using our 100% Organic MCT oil, ensuring a pleasurable tasting CBD oil. As mentioned previously, the CBD utilized in this oil product is 99% Pure and contains no THC. This particular CBD oil is ideal if you have to consider any form of drug testing. 

CBD/CBG Blend                We have introduced this particular product to bring you the best of both worlds. Our CBG is blended with our 99% Pure Isolate-based CBD to create an oil that maximizes the potential of each particular cannabinoid. The mix of these two compounds together has been stated as being extremely beneficial. Both compounds used here are "isolated," and as such, this also ensures that this blended oil is also safe for anyone who has to consider the possibility of work-based drug testing. As a result, this is a safe option in that respect.

CBG (Cannabigerol)        CBG (Cannabigerol) is another compound from the hemp plant. It is also an "isolated" product ensuring that there is no THC contained. This powerful compound is called the "Stem Cell" or "Mother of all Cannabinoids." It is from this particular Cannabinoid that both CBD and THC originate. Again, this is another excellent product for professionals to use without worrying about testing positive for drug tests. However, when writing this, we would like to state that it is not a currently accepted compound within the sporting arena. Any professional athletes should avoid using CBG (Cannabigerol) or other CBD products containing it. 

Please note: Each customer is limited to 1 bottle of each product. The same person can make no further purchases of the same product. 

The above sample bottle strengths concentrations reflect one drop equal to 1mg of CBD, CBG, Blend, or Water Soluble CBD. Each of these little bottles is the same strength as our 600mg products in 30ml bottles.

5ml CBD Flavoured Oil from our "545" range
1 mg per drop
Model: ....5ml CBD Flavoured Oil from our "545" range
CBD Flavoured Oil - This is our 99% pure CBD Isolate based oil, available unflavoured or with 5 other fruit flavours. These are Strawberry, Lemon, Banana, Orange or Mint which we use to enhance the taste of these oil based CBD products. This particular type of CBD is as pure as it comes and has..
5ml CBD/CBG Blend from our "545" range
1 mg per drop
Model: ....5ml CBD/CBG Blend from our "545" range
CBD/CBG Blend -We have introduced this particular product to bring you the best of both worlds. Our CBG has been blended with CBD to create a product that maximises the potential of each individual Cannabinoid. This match is one that has been identified as being extremely beneficial.Ingredients..
5ml CBG (Cannabigerol) from our "545" range
1 mg per drop
Model: ....5ml CBG (Cannabigerol) from our "545" range
CBG (Cannabigerol) is another cannabinoid from the hemp plant. This powerful Cannabinoid is often referred to as the "Stem Cell" or "Mother of all Cannabinoids" It is from this particular Cannabinoid that both CBD and THC originate. This product is THC Free, made in the United States of America unde..
5ml Water Soluble from our "545" range
1 mg per drop
Model: ....5ml Water Soluble from our "545" range
Water Soluble (Broad Spectrum) CBD - Our 5ml sample bottle of Water Soluble CBD contains 100mg of CBD. This concentration is the equivalent strength of our 30ml bottle of 600mg which we sell for £40.00. This product can be as much as 10x more effective than oil based CBD due to its compati..
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