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CBD Treats 6mg by Incr-edibles

Our CBD Treats 6mg are our mid-strength option within our range of these excellent CBD treats. Using a reasonable 6mg dose per treat of our American CBD Isolate, these treats were made as a sensible serving amount for the medium-sized dogs they were created for when we introduced them in the UK as our CBD Dog treats. Since then, we have had to adjust how we advertise this range of products due to marketing regulations in the UK regarding CBD and pets. While we can no longer sell our CBD Oil for Dogs to UK-based customers with dog references on the labelling, we still offer these treats that align with the current laws.

There is no difference in how these treats are made and the ingredients we use to make the original products, the only difference being the type of labelling you will see if and when you order a packet of these excellent treats. The ingredient list uses fresh bananas, Scottish Oats, peanut butter and MCT oil which contains our infused 99% pure CBD. As with all CBD isolate-based products we sell, this CBD is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) accredited.

We blend these ingredients carefully and slowly dr them over two days at a low temperature, ensuring the efficacy of the CBD is maintained and not damaged in any way. The peanut butter used is 100% peanut butter and does not contain xylitol which can be toxic for dogs. If you intend to buy this product to try yourself, please note that due to the drying process used in making these products, they are much tougher than everyday snacks or biscuits that you would otherwise buy from a shop.

Oats, Peanut Butter, Bananas, MCT Oil, CBD (Cannabidiol)



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