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CBD Treats 3mg by Incr-edibles

Here we have our 3mg CBD Treats made using only the finest natural ingredients and our premium-quality 99% pure CBD isolate. With these treats we use Scottish oats, bananas, peanut butter and we introduce the CBD which has been infused in a small amount of MCT Oil which is made from coconuts. We blend all these ingredients together and then gently cook these over a 48-hour period to ensure that the contained CBD is not compromised by high temperatures. By using this process we can be 100% sure that the maximum efficacy will be maintained from the CBD content.

These CBD treats and their 6mg and 10mg counterparts were originally created and produced as a quick easy CBD snack for dogs and were marketed accordingly as our CBD Dog Treats. However, due to marketing authorisation requirements in the UK we can no longer market or advertise this and our other treats towards dog owners showing dogs on the labels or having any reference to dogs on the packaging. We do however still sell the CBD Dog Treat products for our international customer base.

The good news is that this product, the 6mg and 10mg options are still available. We have continued to make these products in the exact same way using the same ingredients and processes as before. The only difference between these treats and our CBD Dog Treats is that we have adapted the labelling to suit the marketing requirements placed upon us by current UK legislation.

We would like to state that if you have never used these treats before and you intend using them for yourself instead of a dog please be aware that these treats are quite tough when compared to normal treats or biscuit products due to the method used in their curing.


Oats, Peanut Butter, Bananas, MCT Oil, CBD (Cannabidiol)



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