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10mg CBD Treats by Incr-edibles

Our 10mg CBD Treats are the strongest option we have in this particular range of products. As with our 3 and 6mg options, these are made using our excellent natural ingredients, which add to our 99% pure THC-free CBD. With our CBD treats, we slowly and carefully cook these for 48 hours to ensure that the effectiveness of the contained CBD is still at its best when the treats are used, and the benefits of the CBD are still at their best. As the CBD product used is an Isolate -based product, no unsavoury taste is added to the mix as this product is both tasteless and odourless.

The CBD content has been manufactured in America and is among the best-quality CBD Isolates on the market. The specific process used in making this CBD ensures that the crystal growth behaviour of the CBD crystals is consistent and needle-like, unlike the smaller crystal growth seen in many other CBD options currently available. The difference in the quality of this product is due to the high quality of processing. Allied to this is the many certificates provided by our suppliers showing that they go the extra mile to ensure the utmost safety of the product they provide to us and, ultimately, our customers.

Besides using the best possible CBD products, we source natural and local ingredients where possible. For our CBD treats, we use Scottish Oats, bananas, peanut butter, and a touch of MCT oil with our CBD ingredient. Our treats are cured slowly, as we mentioned previously. These small round biscuits each comprise a minimum content of 10mg CBD each. These products were initially introduced as CBD treats for dogs and sold as our CBD Dog Treats. Still, after discussing with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate over Marketing Authorisations, we had to change the labelling, so no reference to dogs was made. These changes in no way reflect any issue with the product, as they are still made in the same way using the same ingredients. We only had to change the labels, which we have done. These treats are ideal for use and are in line with the CBD Dog Treats previously sold for large dogs. Due to this product’s original purpose, these treats are unlike regular biscuits and difficult for humans to chew.

Oats, Peanut Butter, Bananas, MCT Oil, CBD (Cannabidiol)



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