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Made in the U.K.

Cooling Gel 1000mg CBD by Incr-edibles

Our new CBD Cooling Gel 1000mg is another excellent addition to our new range of CBD lotions and creams. This gel is for application to areas of the body where it can provide quick, localised relief. As with most topical CBD products, our cooling gel will work quickly and directly on the targeted area by permeating the skin barrier and benefitting that particular body part.

While its benefits can work below the skin, CBD is also beneficial for skin-related problems such as dermatitis and eczema.


Distilled Water, Glycerin, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Xantham Gum, THC-Free CBD (Cannabidiol).


Glassware that preserves -

There was no point in us sourcing such great CBD and not using the best possible glassware to preserve it in. With this in mind, we have used a specially designed bottle to protect the products we sell. This glassware is biophotonic and prevents harmful rays from negatively affecting the CBD. Bottles and jars made with this type of glass are highly effective at preserving the contained products.


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