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Orange Flavoured CBD Oil

Orange Flavoured CBD Oil

Orange Flavoured CBD Oil

Fantastic Orange Flavoured CBD Oil by Incr-edibles

Creating a range of flavoured CBD oils would not be considered complete in our opinion without the use of orange flavour. The amazing citrus taste of oranges covers foodstuffs of all kind from orange chocolate to partnering vodka. This beautiful, fantastic fruit complements a multitude of food favourites and has not been overlooked among CBD oil suppliers. Treat yourself to a tasty CBD oil as an alternative to the bland or sometimes nasty taste options that are on the market. While the efficacy of the product should be paramount, there is nothing worse than the dreadful aftertaste left by some of the products that have been purchased by CBD customers.

Here at Incr-edibles, orange flavouring was one of the first fruit tastes we decided on using due to its overwhelming popularity. Our orange flavoured CBD products incorporate the highest quality natural orange flavouring. Add to this the 100% organic MCT oil and our 99% pure American CBD and manufactured in line with Good Manufacturing Practices, and you have, what we feel to be, one of the finest range of fruit-flavoured CBD Oils available. Not only have we selected the finest CBD Isolate for these products, we provide them in four different strength concentrations giving you greater flexibility in dosing. The finishing touch is to bring it all together with an excellent natural orange oil flavouring to make your CBD usage as enjoyable and effective as we possibly can. 

Our 4 different Orange Flavoured CBD Oil strengths

Our Flavoured CBD oil options each include four different strengths of CBD in 30ml bottles. Each bottle uses unique biophotonic glassware that preserves the CBD content contained inside. While we would always advise you to store your product out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place, we have ensured that your product has that extra level of protection. Another of the benefits of this range of oil drops is that we include a graduated pipette as a standard to ensure that you can efficiently deliver accurate doses every time. Our four options, as shown below, are;

  • 300mg
  • 600mg
  • 1200mg
  • 2400mg

If you are new to using CBD we would generally recommend starting off with the lower strength 300mg or 600mg options. These bottles will provide you with better flexibility in calculating how much CBD it takes to help with your specific requirements. Once you know what your required dose is, you will be in a much better position to consider the best higher strength option. Every one of our Flavoured CBD Oil products have a clear dosage guide on their respective product page to help and assist you when you start using our products. The instructions are located on the "Dosage Guide" tab. We are also very happy to answer any dosage related questions via our contact form or by telephone.

Why choose Incr-edibles Orange Flavoured CBD oil?

We feel our CBD oil is a premium product because we choose to use only the purest American-sourced CBD Isolates that originate in Colorado. These batches of CBD are of the highest quality from organically grown industrial hemp. Each batch we order is third-party lab tested for which we are provided with a Certificate of Authority to confirm purity and to show it is completely clear of any potential contaminants. We are also provided with an accompanying safety data sheet. Additionally, when we started to deal with our supplier 2 years ago we requested, and were provided with many other certificates including - Shelf Stability, GMP & ISO certification, Allergen Testing, Certification Origin, Country of Origin, Statements on Heavy Metals, Melamine and Mycotoxins and so on. All in all we received just short of 30 certificates alluding to the fact that these products really are among the safest and cleanest CBD ingredients found anywhere on the market today. 

This excellent THC-free CBD is incorporated into our fantastic 100% pure organic MCT Oil and, as mentioned previously, encased in our special glass bottles. Our final mention is the graduated pipette that makes this and the other products in this range some of the finest all-around CBD oral drops you can purchase. These oils are also gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike.

Why do you place CBD oil drops under your tongue?

When using any type of CBD Oil drops, for best results place the oil drops directly under your tongue and leave them there for 1-2 minutes and then swallow what is left. This is called sublingual application, the reason for using this is option is to maximise the effectiveness of the CBD. What happens is that the CBD is absorbed through pores located under the tongue and enters your bloodstream without being processed and broken down by your digestive system. In this manner you optimise the efficacy of the CBD contained within the oil.

What does CBD Oil help with?

Good quality CBD oil can be used for many health-related issues or as a fantastic wellness product for those who wish to incorporate a few drops every day into their healthy lifestyle. While CBD oils are listed as food supplements, evidence and studies confirm that there is way more to this product than first thought. More and more evidence is coming to the fore confirming that CBD can be used to help and alleviate the following conditions




Sleeping Disorders

Restoring Appetite

There are many other health applications that CBD has positively impacted. We would advise against using CBD products while pregnant or breastfeeding. While CBD is generally very well tolerated we would suggest that If you are currently using any other medicines it would be good practice to consult your doctor regarding any possible interactions between those. Alternatively, please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to help.

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