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The various types of anxiety faced by dogs



Separation Anxiety

The majority of dogs associate everything they cherish in their lives with their human counterparts, for example, playing, walking, eating food, and much more. When their human friends leave them, they can become anxious and scared of losing everything they cherish. Separation anxiety is one of the most common reasons for anxiety in dogs, especially when you spend lots of time together with your pet.



Fear-Related Anxiety

Dogs have a completely different view of the world. They don’t recognize the cause of harsh or loud noises. Noises such as thunder, construction, fireworks, or other noises may cause fear and anxiety within your pet.



Post Traumatic Stress

Dogs who have experienced trouble in their past could be afflicted with post-traumatic stress. The causes of this could be an abusive former owner, exposure to aggressive and dangerous dogs, being abandoned early in life, and so on.



How Much CBD Oil to Give?

Deciding on the appropriate CBD dose for your dog can be difficult, especially for those who have pets and are only starting to learn about CBD.

Three critical aspects to consider before purchasing CBD on your animal :




Best CBD dose based on your dogs size

Like any supplement for health, dosage calculations are recommended based upon body weight. The general rule is that smaller dogs generally require less CBD to get similar effects as large dogs. Certain CBD products have their dosage guidelines listed on their labels, making the process easier to understand and follow. The larger your dog is, the more CBD oil you’ll have to provide them.


Method of CBD consumption for dogs

Your CBD brand of choice may determine the type of CBD product you use for your dogs’ needs.


CBD Products for Dogs are available in 4 forms principally:


  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Creams (for rubbing on affected areas)
  • CBD Dog Treats (edibles)


While CBD oil is arguably the most recognised type of CBD for dogs, the other products listed above are becoming increasingly popular. Just as with humans, the topical application of CBD to local areas of pain can be very advantageous. CBD creams are a quick and direct approach to dealing with areas of discomfort, and this method of application can help pets in the same way it does humans.

CBD Capsules and, to a greater extent, CBD Dog Treats are becoming an increasingly popular method of providing CBD to your dog. The convenience of giving your dog a treat will not only make life easier for you as an owner. 





CBD dose based on your dogs activity level

The correct amount of CBD Oil for your dog may also depend on how much energy your pet can generate. Based on the dog’s metabolism, the substance can remain in your dog’s system for between six and eight hours. In general, the more active your dog is, the quicker its metabolism will be. Thus, active dogs can use the CBD faster than those who are less active. Since senior dogs are generally less active and slower to metabolise, they may not need CBD supplements as often.





The Condition of Your Dog

CBD may provide many benefits to your dog’s health; however, it’s not a magical drug. While CBD products can generally improve your dog’s life, please do not use them as a cheap alternative to veterinary medicines. You should always seek the advice of your vet before starting your dog on the use of any CBD product. At the end of the day, how much CBD Oil you give to your dog will be contingent upon the intensity of the symptoms from which they suffer. If symptoms are minor anxiety or intermittent joint discomfort, your dog may only require a lower dose. To determine the correct amount of CBD for your dog and its particular issue, you should seek as much guidance as possible from the supplier of the product. Also, look for a product giving clear instructions for use and clear dosage guidelines.





How long before CBD begins to work for your dog?

CBD is a process that can take anywhere between 30-120 minutes to kick in. In general, CBD tends to start working more quickly than treats or biscuits because there aren’t as many ingredients to be digested. The effects of edible CBD products in humans last longer than CBD oils placed under the tongue. It may be safe to deduce that this would be similar for edible CBD products for dogs, such as dog treats. 





How long will the CBD last for your dog ?

Whether from biscuits or oil, each dose is expected to last anywhere between 4 to 8 hours. This timeframe can differ considerably from one dog to another based on the size of your pet, degree of activity, breed, as well as intensity of ailments. However, as a guideline: older dogs tend to take longer than young ones to absorb food.




Best frequency and CBD dose for your dog

Here at Incr-edibles, we always advise our customers to begin their pets’ CBD journey with one daily dose of CBD and work carefully towards finding the ideal dosage requirement for their dog. Our advised starting dosage recommendations are as follows;


  • Small Dogs                 3mg CBD
  • Medium-sized Dogs.  6mg CBD
  • Large Dogs.              10mg CBD


While many companies offer various strengths and concentrations of CBD Oils, we created our own CBD Oil for Dogs to be as easy as possible for the user to ensure easy-to-understand, safe, accurate dosing every time. The strength of our CBD Oil is one drop of oil equates to 1mg CBD. Therefore, to use 3mg CBD for small dogs is exactly three drops. For a medium-sized dog, 6mg CBD would equate to six drops. Our advice is always to start with a low dose and, if necessary, gradually and slowly increase it until you find the desired dosage requirement for your dogs’ specific needs. Our experience and feedback from customers using our products allude that these dosage amounts are reasonable and not excessive. We have come across some ridiculous dosage guidelines on the internet on other websites, so we suggest you be careful when looking for dosage guidance for your dog.


Research has shown that the half-life of dogs who receive CBD oil ranges from 3-4.2 hours. (3,4) So, with this in mind, dosing twice per day can be a good option for your dog. Should you decide to try this, we advise leaving at least six hours between each dose. If you’re making use of CBD to ease anxiety (car journeys, thunderstorms, or separation), provide a dose about 2 hours before an expected stressful occasion for your dog. On the other hand, if you are dealing with issues such as seizures, mobility issues, and reduced appetite, two daily doses may provide more help to your dog.


We hope that you find the above information useful and that it helps you when administering CBD to your dog. However, if you still need assistance regarding CBD for your dog, please leave a message via our contact form, and we will be more than happy to help.