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CBG Oil 600mg Cannabigerol 10ml by Incr-edibles

CBG Oil 600mg Cannabigerol 10ml by Incr-edibles
3mg Per Drop
CBG Oil 600mg Cannabigerol 10ml by Incr-edibles
CBG Type: Isolates
Size of Bottle: 10ml
Drops per Bottle: 200 drops
Mg of CBD per drop: 3mg
CBD Concentration: 6%
Cost per 10mg serving: £0.50
CBD Country of origin: U.S.A.
Incr-edibles 100% money back guarantee

600mg CBG Oil (Cannabigerol) by Incr-edibles

Here we offer our  CBG Oil 600mg  (Cannabigerol) in our 10ml bottle, this contains 600mg of 98% Pure CBG (Cannabigerol). This concentration is equivalent to a 30ml bottle containing 1800mg, which is a solid and effective cannabinoid option. CBG is one of many compounds found within the Cannabis genus of plants. Our CBG is isolate-based and provided without any additional plant compounds extracted from the plant. It is ideal for anyone looking to avoid THC as it will not show up or negatively impact drug tests. CBG will not get you high and is said to have the opposite effect of THC in that it can help counteract some of the negative impacts associated with THC use, such as paranoia. CBG has shown to be helpful when used to combat anxiety. Studies suggest that CBG is very helpful for many other conditions, and as such, it is quickly becoming a prevalent and beneficial cannabinoid. 

Until recently, we knew little of CBG as no one would produce it in substantial quantities due to its high manufacturing costs. One of the problems in making CBG was the relatively small levels (less than 1%) of it within each plant. The high extraction costs coupled with the low CBG quantities meant that the extraction costs resulted in CBG prices that were not economically viable for the market. As a result of work with Cannabis plant genetics, new strains are now available that contain CBG levels of 15% and more. The result of this is that it is now feasible to produce quantities of CBG within a reasonable pricing structure. These changes have resulted in a growing market for another potent cannabinoid showing excellent results in studies and tests. While there is currently CBG for sale in the U.K., the market is still relatively small compared to CBD sales, but this is about to change.

Information and statistics currently coming out of the USA are that CBG's popularity is growing at a phenomenal rate. Users of this product claim that its effects are excellent, and our customers are giving us similar feedback confirming this. If you are thinking of trying CBG Oil (Cannabigerol), then our 600mg CBG Oil (Cannabigerol) is an excellent starting point.

Should you require a stronger concentration, we also have our 1000mg CBG Oil in a 10ml bottle, and this is the most potent CBG option we have in our range of CBG oils. Alternatively, we have a range of 1200mg CBG Oil options in 30ml bottles. These include our regular unflavoured 1200mg CBG Oil and our range of flavoured CBG Oils to include CBG Oil (Lemon) 1200mg, CBG Oil (Mint) 1200mg, our CBG Oil (Orange) 1200mg and, lastly, our CBG Oil (Strawberry) 1200mg option.

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Glassware that preserves

There was no point in us sourcing such great CBD and not using the best possible glassware to preserve it in. With this in mind, we have used a specially designed bottle to protect the products we sell. This glassware is biophotonic and prevents harmful rays from negatively affecting the CBD. Bottles and jars made with this type of glass are highly effective at preserving food products.

Graduated Pipettes

Additionally, we also include graduated pipettes with all of our 30ml bottles.  These will help you deliver consistent, accurate dosing every time you use our CBD & CBG oils.

We have put together this guide to aid you in finding how much of this particular product you need to use for your requirements. Alternatively, you may want to understand the best practice for using the product.

Bottle Size…………………………………………………........................... 10ml

Number of drops in this bottle……………………………..........................200

Total mg of product contained………………………...........................600mg

Amount of product in mg per drop……………………............................3mg

Product Guidance

As you can see from the above information, the mg per drop of this product is 3mg. Here at Incr-edibles, we recommend starting with a low dosage within the region of 10-12mg once per day and working from there.

With this in mind and based on our guidance for the above product, we would advise starting with approximately 3 or 4 drops. Try using this for the first few days and see how you get on with it. If you feel that it is not enough and is not helping you, increase the dose by an additional 1-2 drops per day. Please continue to do this until you start to feel that it is helping. This process known as finding your “sweet spot” is usual for many new CBD users in realising their best dosing amount. If the effect of your product starts wearing off over the course of the day, there is no harm in taking an additional dose.

Daily Maximum 

The recommended maximum daily amount of CBD, CBG, or Blended Cannabinoid products for adults is 70mg. The guidance for this maximum daily amount has been clearly defined to us by our supplier and the Food Standards Agency in the U.K.

How to take CBD

The best way to use these Cannabinoid products, such as CBD, CBG, and blends, is to apply the desired amount under your tongue and leave it there for between 1-2 minutes before swallowing it. The benefits of this are to increase the efficacy of the product used.

It is advisable to avoid using CBD and related products while pregnant or breastfeeding.