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5ml Water Soluble from our "545" range

5ml Water Soluble from our "545" range
5ml Water Soluble from our "545" range
1 mg per drop
5ml Water Soluble from our "545" range
5ml Water Soluble from our "545" range
5ml Water Soluble from our "545" range
CBG Type: Distillate
Size of Bottle: 5ml
Drops per Bottle: 100 drops
Mg of CBD per drop: 1mg
CBD Concentration: 2%
Cost per 10mg serving: £0.50
CBD Country of origin: U.S.A.
Incr-edibles 100% money back guarantee

5ml Water-Soluble CBD Sample Bottle

Here we have created our "545" range of 5ml sample bottles of various CBD and CBG products all costing only £5, hence the name, five (ml) for five (£'s). This idea was brought around as a result of us seeing customers on Facebook pages asking suppliers about CBD products and being told to buy products costing upwards of £40 without having any idea whether or not those particular products would work. We knew that there just had to be a better way for customers to trial CBD and similar products than having to take a leap of faith on a £40 product. What we came up with was the idea that any customer could purchase a 5ml bottle from us for £5 and if their trial with that product was good that they could then redeem their initial outlay of £5 against a larger bottle of the same product. This is what we offer and to our knowledge we were and still are the only company in the U.K. to offer this. We currently have 4 products that we provide this offer on.

Water Soluble (Broad Spectrum) CBD - 5ml sample bottle of Water Soluble CBD contains 100mg of CBD. This concentration is the equivalent strength of our 30ml bottle of 600mg which we sell for £40.00. This product can be as much as 10x more effective than oil based CBD due to its compatibility with our bodies. 

The reason for the increased efficacy of Water Soluble products is because oil-based CBD products do not get easily absorbed by our bodies. This is because our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water. As water and oil do not mix well without some form of emulsifier it means that we do not obtain anywhere near as much of the benefit from the CBD that becomes available when using a Water Soluble alternative. 

The term used to describe this process is bioavailability and Water Soluble CBD has a much greater bioavailability than similar strength CBD oils.

Other 5ml sample bottles that are offered within our ”545 range” include our CBD Flavoured Oil, CBD/CBG Blend and also our CBG (Cannabigerol)

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