Five oblong-shaped, dark brown coloured soft gel capsules in a small heap on a white shiny surface

CBD Soft Gels by Incr-edibles

If you are considering purchasing CBD in a tablet or capsule form, these soft gel capsules are an excellent place to begin. As well as being a convenient way to use CBD, these soft gels provide 99% THC-free isolate-based CBD. These Soft Gel capsules use CBD in its purest form, devoid of all other compounds, including THC, which many people prefer to bypass for one reason or another. If your wish is to use a CBD product that is safe, effective and will have no negative connotations in respect of drug testing, then this a great choice.

CBD Isolate Soft Gels

A Shiny White plastic container displays the Incr-edibles gold hemp leaf logo advising the product is for 900mg CBD Isolate Soft Gels. The pack contains 30 capsules, five of which are displayed at the front of the container on the white shiny surface.



With each of these CBD soft gels providing you with a whopping 30mg of 99%-pure CBD, this jar containing 30 Soft Gels capsules provides you with a full 900mg of high-quality American CBD that is produced in accordance with GMP guidelines.