Beautiful Shiny Gold logo showing the Letter “I” as a vase with a hemp leaf growing out the top of the I and the rooting system growing out of the bottom of the letter I, similar to the tree if life but using a complete hemp plant contained within the letter I.

Helping you to choose the best CBD product to suit your needs

Here we provide a breakdown of the cannabinoid product types we offer, their uses and strengths.

A quick introduction

The compounds we use in our range of products are extracted from the hemp plant, a member of the Cannabis genus of plants. While many cannabinoids are present within the hemp plant, we use only two of these as ingredients. These are CBD (Cannabidiol) and CBG (Cannabigerol).

Our CBD products can be broken down into four main groups.

There are six black 30ml dropper bottles in a row. All the bottles are standing on a super white gloss surface. Each bottle has gold writing showing CBD Oil Drops, includes a grey band with white writing that states “Unflavoured,” and the hemp leaf logo of Incredibles CBD. The 30ml options are 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg and 2400mg. The 10ml options are 600mg and 1200mg in strength.

Oil-based CBD:

Providing the vast majority of our product range, our CBD oils are available in many sizes, strengths, types and flavours. CBD oils can help a variety of conditions, such as inflammation, pain, anxiety, sleep-related issues and many other health concerns. We provide our oil-based CBD in six different strengths ranging from mild to very strong, as a natural unflavoured option or mixed with many flavour options.

Incr-edibles Water Soluble CBD shows three black 30ml dropper bottles flanked by two black 10ml dropper bottles standing side by side in an upright position. A blue band with white writing also shows on the label, stating “Broad Spectrum.” The label also shows various strength 30ml options: 300mg, 600mg, and 1200mg, as well as a 600mg and 1000mg 10ml option.

Water-Soluble CBD:

This particular CBD product type is highly effective and efficient. Unlike oil-based CBD, water-soluble CBD is much more compatible with the human body and, as such, is more effective. Many studies point to the speed and increased onset time in which water-soluble CBD begins to work and the fact that it lasts longer in the body. These benefits are partly due to how our bodies can easily absorb the CBD given that it is in a water-based formula. The improved bioavailability of CBD leads to much better efficacy over its oil-based counterparts. We can provide you with either a Broad-Spectrum product, which contains all the compounds within the hemp plant, or a THC-free, isolate-based option. Again, we have various strengths to cater for everyone.

A white childproof container with a black label advising that this is 25mg CBD Gummies, the total mg content of the container is showing as 750mg (30 gummies) and the carton is positioned behind four different coloured gummies. The gummies are red, green, yellow and orange in colour and are covered with a sprinkled sugar coating. The label shows this product to be by Incr-edibles

CBD Edibles:

CBD edible products are becoming more popular as the years go by. Everything from CBD mints to CBD chewing gums and everything in between appear to be popping up in shops and online stores up and down the country. When we refer to CBD edible products we are talking in most instances about solid food products as opposed to liquid ingestibles. The range of edible CBD products we have supplied has changed slightly over the years but we have retained some products which are now a mainstay of our CBD goods we sell. From the outset six years ago we have provided our wonderful Scottish raw heather honey, initially, only as a CBD honey but we have now included a CBG option which we will discuss later. Both types of honey are available in either 600mg or 1800mg strengths. Another of our extremely popular edibles is our banana and peanut butter CBD Treats which are available in 3 different strengths, but we have to advise that these were developed for dogs, and as such, are not like a normal everyday biscuit. Last but not least, we provide our 30mg CBD softgels and our beautiful 25mg CBD gummies. Using edible products can be a very enjoyable way of utilising the many benefits of CBD.

Four different shaped black containers set amongst Lavender flowers and peppermint leaves. This is a group of different CBD lotions and balms all on a super white surface with two images raised on a stand. The products are emblazoned with gold writing and the hemp leaf logo of Incr-edibles CBD.

Topical CBD:

Our fourth and last group of CBD products is our range of topical CBD Products. by topical, we refer to various creams, lotions and balms which have been infused with CBD. This method of CBD use is a very efficient one, by targeting specific areas of pain in the body by applying a CBD product to the skin you can quickly and directly work on areas of concern. The contained CBD ingredient will permeate the skin barrier and to begin working within the area concerned. This can prove to be a very effective way to provide relief for conditions such as arthritis, aching muscles, fibromyalgia and other types of pain. At present, we offer four different products within our range of CBD Lotions and Balms and these include two different balms, a 1000mg body moisturiser and a 1000mg cooling gel. These products can be seen in the image below.

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