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CBD Oil Information by Incr-edibles

CBD Oil Information by Incr-edibles

What is (Cannabidiol) CBD Oil

A brief introduction to the CBD compound

Cannabidiol is one many compounds found within the cannabis plant or hemp plant as it is sometimes referred to.  CBD is just the accepted abbreviation used for Cannabidiol and has come to be accepted by and known by the majority of people when discussing the product. CBD is one of the main components of the plant along with (Tetrahydrocannabinol) THC. In recent years CBD has become popular and is being used by many people to try to alleviate health problems as well as being used as a general aid to well being. It is used in a variety of products such as CBD capsules, edibles and more commonly cbd tinctures. CBD is legal in the uk and it's use is becoming more popular with each passing day. 

(Tetrahydrocannabinol) THC

The other major compound and its implications

Yes, we know, Such a big word and is it really necessary? Well, as it plays such a huge role in the history, make up, legality and mystique of the cannabis plant, the answer would be a resounding yes. To try to write a page on CBD without including THC would be nigh on impossible. This naturally occurring compound is the other major compound in the cannabis/hemp plant is the one that is held to blame for all the controversy. THC is the compound that is known to get you high when smoking cannabis/marijuana. However, this compound has a vital role to play in what is classed as the "Entourage Effect." This term is used to to explain and define the effect of all the plants compounds working together in synergy to support and improve the overall effectiveness of the CBD in Full Spectrum CBD oils. This is something we will touch on later on this page.

How CBD is extracted from the plant mass

A brief insight into how CBD is made from the Cannabis plant

CBD is extracted from the cannabis/hemp plant using a variety of production process methods with the preferred option being Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extraction. This particular method of removing the compounds from the plant matter is widely recognised as the best way to produce CBD. Some of the benefits of this particular extraction method include;

  • Purity of Product
  • The process strips and kills any bacteria
  • No residual solvents are left (unlike other forms of extraction)

CBD produced using CO2 extraction is often the most sought after. This extraction method is preferred by most companies due to the quality and purity of the finished CBD product as well as the ease of use and control available during the extraction process.  

The Different Types of CBD


There are 3 main types of CBD that you will find when looking for CBD online or on the high street. They all serve their purpose and are argued over time and time again as to the effectiveness and value they provide to their users. What is the best CBD, like a lot of things this is subjective.

CBD Isolate: 

CBD Isolate is CBD in it's purest form, generally this product is 99% pure and as its name suggests the CBD has been extracted from the plant and is then stripped from all other compounds leaving it "Isolated" This is normally sold as a pure white crystalline powder and is then infused or incorporated into a number of various goods to create the final CBD products. These products range from CBD oils to CBD supplements, CBD balms and a wide variety of other CBD products which are free from THC.

Full Spectrum CBD:

Full Spectrum CBD oil as some people would have you believe is all you need. This particular type of CBD is the full plant extract containing all of the plants compounds. It is thought by many that all of the plants compounds working together is the only option when it comes to CBD and that anything else that does not contain THC is a waste. However, scientists are increasingly starting to question this idea and hinting that the individual compounds such as (Cannabigerol) CBG in the plant can provide fantastic results when used in their own right. This particular form of THC CBD may not be suitable for anyone who has to consider work based drug testing or for use on pets because of the THC contained within it. There is no one cap fits all when it comes to these particular products.

Broad Spectrum CBD:

Broad Spectrum CBD is by and large made using Full Spectrum CBD, this is then processed to remove the THC. As such it is generally marketed as a THC free product however in some instances there may still be trace elements of THC remaining on completion of the extraction. That said, Broad Spectrum products generally make very good CBD oil products. Like all CBD, there are varying strengths and types of these oils available so it is prudent to find a reputable company or brand or enquire about the content of the products by asking for third party lab tests. These tests will also show if there is any THC present within the CBD and if the product is a Broad Spectrum oil or not. All this being considered, Broad Spectrum CBD is a flexible Cannabidiol type and makes for a very good form of CBD. We often use this particular type of CBD oil in our edible products.

Hemp Seed Oil is not CBD Oil

Be wary of vendors trying to pass of Hemp as CBD

Why is this topic here you may ask. We have decided that this unfortunately merits a mention and for all the wrong reasons. CBD comes from cannabis or to be more exact the cannabis genus of plants. CBD is made from cannabis strains and in most respects hemp plants or industrial hemp as it is known. It is generally classed as such as it has very low levels of THC as discussed earlier. More and more we are coming across products that contain hemp oil pressed from hemp seeds or other hemp extract that is being marketed as CBD. As such, customers are being duped into spending their money on nothing other than a basic food oil such as olive oil that will have little in the way of the benefits of CBD. If you are looking to take CBD always check the packaging to see if any CBD content is listed, if you are unsure our advise would be to walk away and shop elsewhere. There will always be another place where you can find a range of CBD products that are of a high quality. If you are looking to buy CBD products and need any guidance before placing any orders please send us a message using our contact form and a member of our customer service team will contact you.


The fantastic product that suits a multitude of applications

CBD Oil is now a very well known and popular product of choice for people looking to alleviate a myriad of issues and with good reason. There is anecdotal evidence and many studies alluding to the fact that CBD oil has proven to assist many people. The sales figures in the UK speak for themselves and this is a pattern which is becoming commonplace on a worldwide basis. UK CBD companies and products are increasing in quantity all the time. Initially there were questions as to whether CBD would remain legal in the UK but this has now been addressed and as long as THC contained within the product falls within the legal limits of less than 0.2% THC this makes the CBD oil legal. If you would like to begin your journey and use CBD oil but are concerned about any side effects or just have any doubts we would suggest you use our contact form and we will be more than happy to discuss everything with you.

CBD Products

The Choice of CBD and related products available is growing rapidly

There is now a huge range of Cannabidiol oil goods available for consumers to choose from and a quick browse through our menu bar at the top of the page will show that we cater for a large number of requirements. The CBD oil types we have vary from fantastic flavoured CBD oil through to our Distillate based oil, our CBG variations and everything in between. The amount of CBD in our products varies to provide a choice from high CBD concentrations down to those that would suit customers who are new to CBD use. Our CBD oil is also available in 30ml or 10ml bottles giving you the flexibility of being able to pinpoint an accurate and precise dosing regime that suits. With regards to the quality of the CBD oil we provide we take pride in being able to state that we deal with one of the largest and most professional CBD companies in the world. All of our products are strenuously tested from and are grown in line with Good Manufacturing Practice. They are the best quality American made cannabinoids and are extremely effective. These truly are fantastic products which we use to make our CBD oil.

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