Two beautiful Shetland Collie dogs lying beside each other on a white glossy surface. One shows the normal associated collie colours of white, tan and small traces of black while the other is merle/dapple showing large grey patches.

CBD Oil for Dogs by Incr-edibles

Do you need a highly effective, easy-to-use CBD Oil for your dog? If so, we have the perfect product right here. Our premium quality THC-Free CBD oil for dogs (UK) is produced using only high-quality food-grade American CBD manufactured in line with Good Manufacturing Practices. The CBD we use has to make our high-quality products, such as our CBD Oil for dogs 600mg, and our fantastic CBD treats is extracted from the hemp plant.

Each batch of CBD Isolate we buy from our supplier has been independently tested by a third party lab and we receive their paperwork with every order we place. You can be safe in the knowledge that we only use the highest quality CBD oil for dogs.

Our isolate-based CBD oil differs from Broad spectrum CBD oil and full-spectrum oil in that it is the purest form of CBD that you can get. The CBD contained has been “isolated” from all of the other compounds contained within the hemp plant from which it originates during the extraction process.

Pet owners can be safe in the knowledge that an isolate-based CBD product is the safest of the three major types of CBD used in the manufacture of CBD products for dogs.

While there is an assumption that Broad spectrum CBD oil does not contain any THC, this is most definitely not the case.

Additional to this, we then make arrangements to have our products independently tested to ensure accuracy and consistency of concentration.

CBD Oil for Dogs (UK-based customers)

Black 30ml dropper bottle standing upright showing gold coloured writing that states Unflavoured CBD Oil of strength 600mg by Incr-edibles CBD.



For all UK-based customers

Due to UK marketing authorisation laws we cannot market a CBD product showing dogs on the label or making any reference to dogs either.

As such, we provide this particular product to dog owners within the UK and have done since October 2022. The ingredients are no different from the product listed below and the strength is the exact same. The only difference between both products is the label showing on each bottle.

Please ensure that you look at, and understand the usage instructions for dogs on the “Dosage Guide” for the product below to ensure that the correct dosage amounts are administered. You will find this information provided by clicking on the product below and selecting the “Dosage Guide” from the drop down options on that product page.

Should you have any questions in relation to this, please contact us using our contact page or by calling us.

*Please note that the dosage guide stated on this particular product is for human use and not for dogs*

CBD Oil for Dogs

A black 30ml dropper bottle with a label showing the face of a boxer dog inside a gold ring. The label shows this bottle to be CBD Oil for Dogs by Incr-edibles.



Our CBD Oil for Dogs is made for dog owners to provide ailing dogs with a product that can assist them with various issues. We made this product to a strength concentration of 600mg of CBD. We have done this because, with a bottle this size of 30ml, there are approximately 600 drops. This strength ensures that each single drop contains 1mg CBD. As a result, this makes dosing as simple as possible to work out for your dog. If you own a small dog which requires a 3mg CBD dose, then it is three drops; it really can’t be any more straightforward. The simplicity of dosing gives you, the owner, much more confidence in providing your dog with measured, accurate dosing amounts time after time.