A close up image of four disc shaped, sugar-covered gummy sweets on a bright white surface. These show in four different colours, orange, green, pale yellow and a pastel red.

CBD Gummies 25mg

Our fantastic fruit-flavoured CBD Gummies contain a substantial 25mg dose of CBD. As an alternative to CBD oil gummies are in most cases a much nicer and more pleasurable way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Additionally, the ease of use is perfect for those of us who want to use or CBD on-the-go, be it in the office, on the bus or wherever else we find ourselves during the day. These excellent tasting disc-shaped gummies really do add that little bit of enjoyment to your day. The tastes accounted for in this pack are Mango, Lemon, Apple and Watermelon made using natural fruit flavourings. Our CBD gummies have the CBD content “infused” during the manufacturing process which results in accurate consistency from gummy to gummy. There are many types of CBD gummies on the market in the UK where the CBD is sprayed onto gummies and this in turn can cause inconsistencies between each gummy.

A mound of coloured disc shaped sugar coated gummies are piled up in front of a plastic jar with a black label. The label shows that these are a 30 pack of 25mg CBD Gummies by Incr-edibles. The gummy colours are orange, green, pale yellow and a pastel red.



With each gummy disc measuring in excess of 25mg CBD a single gummy is more than adequate for a days supply and in some cases could even be cut in half dependant on the specific dose requirement. Our gummies come supplied a in child-proof container and there are 30 gummies per pack. We have written an in-depth article on our great-tasting CBD gummies which can be found here. This will give you more information on the beneficial effects that these can offer along with the best usage methods and everything in between.