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CBD Gummies UK by Incr-edibles

CBD Gummies UK by Incr-edibles

What should you look for when buying CBD gummies in the UK?

If you are new to CBD use or are considering a change of CBD product, then CBD gummies sold all over the UK can be a fantastic alternative to the most popular CBD product, CBD Oils. CBD gummies come in various tastes, shapes, and strengths. Here, we will delve into what we think constitutes a great product and why the differences between CBD Gummy types are significant.

New to CBD? Which gummies should I eat?

The CBD used to manufacture legal CBD gummy products is derived mainly from industrial hemp. While hemp is a member of the cannabis family of plants, it differs in the low amounts of the psychotropic compound THC. THC is the compound typically found in the cannabis plant that provides a high to users when they smoke it. As a result of using low THC strains of hemp, these hemp-derived CBD products can be created and utilised to give the full range of benefits of CBD to their users without any risk. 

Here, we will delve into what we think constitutes a great product and why the differences between CBD Gummy types are significant. Here at Incr-edibles CBD, our gummies are:

  • Non-Gmo
  • Gluten-Free
  • Do Not Contain THC
  • Third-Party Lab Tested
  • The CBD dose is consistent
  • Made using High-Quality American CBD
  • Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians
  • High Potency of 25 mg CBD per cube
  • GMP Certified
  • Contain No Artificial Flavours or Colourings

The three main types of CBD used to make CBD Gummies

Isolate CBD: 

CBD Isolate is CBD in its purest form. This CBD type is extracted from the plant without any of the plant's many other compounds being present. Thus, the CBD (Cannabidiol) has been "isolated". If you are looking to use CBD and wish to use a THC-free product, then isolate-based CBD products are your answer.

Broad-Spectrum CBD:

Broad Spectrum CBD is made by extracting all of the compounds found within the hemp plant, including THC. This extraction is then further refined to remove the THC and leave what is called a Broad-spectrum product. However, some of the THC content can remain within this mix, so it is always best to ask to see CBD lab test results for clarification, especially if employment-based drug testing is a possibility.


Full Spectrum CBD:

Full Spectrum CBD is made by extracting all of the compounds found within the hemp plant, including the THC compound. 


Pure CBD Oil vs Our best CBD gummies UK

CBD Supplements such as CBD oils are an excellent way to ingest CBD, and our range of flavoured CBD oils has been created to enhance the taste and experience. However, our CBD gummies can make that experience tastier, more discreet and convenient.

 CBD Gummies Uk Loose and stacked in pyramid

CBD Edibles

CBD sweets such as CBD gummy bears, worms, and the like have been ever present since the CBD market started flourishing a few years ago. Companies are now looking to provide CBD edibles that look and taste great and provide much better efficacy than their earlier counterparts. A carefully formulated Cannabidiol product is a must to ensure that the correct CBD dosage is delivered accurately and safely when consuming CBD.

What are the benefits of CBD Gummies?

There are a couple of benefits when using CBD gummies over CBD oil products. The first of these benefits is the convenience that a CBD edible provides. While this may not appear to be a significant factor for some in deciding how to use CBD, it makes perfect sense for others. There is no need to try accurately measuring a dose of CBD Oil or waiting for the best time to apply your quantity. With edibles, it is as simple as taking out a CBD gummy and enjoying the experience.

Secondly, and most importantly, is the taste factor. While other food supplements such as CBD oil or even CBD capsules are effective ways of consuming CBD, these options can sometimes taste unpleasant. The taste of some CBD oils does leave a lot to be desired. To counteract this, we introduced our range of flavoured CBD oil options. However, as good as these may be in comparison with many CBD oil products on the market, we have to put our hands up and say that they are just not on par with our CBD-infused gummies. When it comes to CBD edibles or sweets of any kind, our vegan gummies boasting a fantastic 25mg per gummy are the best we have tasted in over five years of dealing with ingestible CBD products.

Best CBD Gummies Uk by Incr-edibles

Which is best, CBD oil or CBD gummies?

Whether you choose to start your CBD regimen using CBD oil or CBD gummies will come down to your preference and, in some instances, budget. Is one any better than the other? Yes, you could make arguments for either product. While CBD oil will offer greater flexibility when finding the ideal dosage to suit your needs, gummies will provide more convenience and improved taste. Would a 25mg CBD oil dose be more effective than a 25 mg CBD Gummy? The answer to that is probably not. The reason for this is that the best practice for using CBD oil is to place the drops under your tongue so that they permeate the mucous membranes, allowing the CBD to enter the bloodstream without being processed by the digestive system. However, slowly allowing a tasty CBD gummy to melt in your mouth over time does the same.

Can CBD show up on drug tests in the UK?

While regular use of Broad-spectrum or Full-spectrum (see above) CBD products can result in failed drug tests, our Isolate-based CBD products, such as the CBD gummies shown on this page, will not.

What other CBD products are there?

For the sake of this page, we will concentrate mainly on CBD edibles such as CBD Gummy bears and other CBD gummies. However, CBD capsules, honey, and chocolate are becoming increasingly popular. Non-edible CBD products include Vapes, transdermal patches, balms, salves and CBD creams.

Where to buy CBD Gummies UK

Suppose you have decided after reading the above information that your preference is CBD edibles. In that case, you would like to know where to buy CBD Gummies (UK).

While we don't know what other companies' products taste like, we can tell you our fruit flavour CBD gummies are made with the CBD being infused at the point of manufacture. This infusion means that the CBD mg contained in each gummy is accurate from gummy to gummy, thus ensuring that you are provided with the benefits of CBD contained within.

These vegan CBD gummies contain no animal products and are allergen-free. They are made in the United States using fantastic, natural fruit flavours, including;

CBD Sweets UK Apple

CBD Edibles Uk Lemon Gummy

CBD Edibles Uk Mango Gummy

CBD Edibles Uk Watermelon Gummy


What do I need to know about CBD gummies?

One word, "infused."

Infused CBD is the main difference between the best gummies in the UK and the rest. If you are currently using or looking to start using CBD gummies, then this is a vital consideration. If you buy sprayed CBD gummies, then the dosage inconsistencies from one gummy to the next can be vast. With CBD gummies where the CBD is infused, the CBD remains accurate and precise from one gummy to the next.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we advise against using this product.

Another consideration when using this product should be how much CBD you use daily. We say this because these taste so good that it would be too easy to go over the daily total CBD mg recommendation of 70mg of CBD per day (roughly 3 CBD gummies per day)(25mg CBD per gummy).

Besides the above, you will be delighted with this as a CBD product of choice; they are excellent.

Are hemp and CBD gummies the same?

Although it would be expected to assume that Hemp and CBD gummies are the same, they are not. The difference between both products is considerable. While hemp may give you some benefits akin to omega oils, the benefits stop there. However, CBD benefits many medical ailments and can help your general wellness routine.

CBD How long do gummies last once opened? 

While infused CBD gummies can last up to 9 months and more once opened, gummies that have been sprayed are more susceptible to exterior conditions, which can impact heavily on the CBD coating, causing a much quicker deterioration in the CBD.

How long does it take CBD gummies to start working?

The onset time of CBD gummies after ingestion will vary from person to person based on several variables, but 30 minutes upwards would be a reasonable guess.

How long does one premium CBD gummy stay in your system?

The benefits and effects of CBD gummy sweets can last up to six hours, but CBD can stay in your system for up to five days—a convenient way to reset your endocannabinoid system. Enjoy the benefits of CBD, our cannabinoid products, with high-quality CBD.

What is the best way to eat CBD gummies?

The best way to use our CBD gummies is to place one gummy on your tongue and allow it to dissolve slowly; if possible, avoid chewing the gummy. This process will take about 7 minutes from start to finish. The build-up of the juices containing the CBD in your saliva allows delivery of the CBD to your bloodstream through the mucous membranes in your mouth. This method dramatically enhances the efficacy of CBD, as your digestive system does not have the opportunity to break it down.

The tricky part in this process is trying not to chew, and trust me when I say, "It is difficult."

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