March 17, 2024 | Product Guide | By Gordon Stark

CBD and its ever-increasing popularity

Day in and day out, CBD is continuously increasing in popularity. When you look at the statistics, you will see what we mean. For instance, between 8 and 11% of the adults in the UK use CBD. That accounts for up to 6 million people who consumed CBD in 2019 alone!

According to data, CBD consumers use the product to improve their health and wellbeing, sleep, manage pain, and relieve anxiety. If that was in 2019, how many more people have consumed CBD today? Undeniably more.


What has made CBD so popular?


Preliminary Studies into CBD

Today, many research pieces show that CBD helps promote healthy living. Trusted sources such as PubMed have published different studies that show Cannabidiol can solve other wellness conditions such as anxiety, skin conditions, insomnia, and more.

Of course, with more and more people accessing the Internet, most have no choice but to believe these preliminary studies. When some try CBD after being convinced by the anecdotal research, they share the feedback that, indeed, CBD helps. Users’ experience and discussion lead to more awareness, thus popularising CBD.


Different CBD options to explore

Reputable brands such as Incr-edibles offer a long line of hemp-based products. These include flavoured CBD oil, water-soluble CBD, and CBD edibles such as CBD gummies, capsules, and honey. CBD topicals such as balms and salves, CBD pet products such as CBD Treats and our fantastic CBD Oil for Dogs.

With different choices, there is a high chance that each has something in store for themselves. If, for example, CBD oil isn’t your cup of cappuccino, then you can have something else, such as a gummy cube, and get going.

Below are some of the various CBD options we offer at Incr-edibles CBD. Additionally, we offer some of the most comprehensive ranges of branded CBD oils, CBG and Water-Soluble CBD products in the UK. These include many flavoured CBD and CBG products that we have introduced to enhance your CBD experience.


There are six black dropper bottles, from left to right, three 10ml dropper bottles and three 30ml dropper bottles. All the bottles are on a super white gloss surface and have gold writing showing CBD Water Soluble, a white and blue band stating “Isolate,” and the Incredibles CBD hemp leaf logo. These products are of various strengths. A range of Incr-edibles CBG oils (Cannabigerol) showing four black 30ml dropper bottles flanked by two 10ml black dropper bottles standing side by side in an upright position There are six black bottles, four 30ml dropper bottles in a row flanked by 10ml dropper bottles on either side. All the bottles are standing on a super white gloss surface and have gold writing showing CBD/CBG Blend, a green band stating Cannabidiol/Cannabigerol, and the hemp leaf logo of Incredibles CBD. These products are of various strengths.


CBD is well-tolerated

The World Health Organisation reported that CBD is a generally safe organic compound. Some CBD users love it mainly because they are tired of the side effects of most pharmaceutical drugs or their inefficiencies.

While CBD products are generally stated not to cure diseases, they are excellent health supplements that help maintain the different researched conditions. Epidiolex is a CBD-rich drug approved to treat two rare epileptic conditions: Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. While at this, it is essential to understand that each of us is different, and your body may not tolerate CBD as best as another user.


CBD Myths

Some myths about CBD have helped its popularity to soar in recent years. One of these myths is that CBD is the cure-all miraculous drug. While there is much evidence pointing to the benefits it may provide for various ailments, it would be best to be wary of any CBD company making medical claims that CBD is the ultimate cure.

Curiosity surrounding CBD

With CBD being legal in the UK, potential users are curious to try out the compound and feel if it works in the ways it’s purported to. As well as CBD (Cannabidiol), other compounds such as CBG (Cannabigerol) and CBN (Cannabinol) found within the cannabis plant are gaining traction within the industry, and they also offer alternative applications to enhance the myriad of benefits provided. CBG is said to assist with anxiety-related issues and may help with depression, whereas Cannabinol is promoted as being very helpful as a sleeping aid. It is these findings, as well as the efficacy of each product, that continue to encourage curiosity in these natural health and wellness options.



CBD is increasing in popularity for many reasons, and it seems it will not stop in the foreseeable future. However, you must get legit information from reputable brands such as Incr-edibles. Visit our website regularly for high-quality hemp-based CBD products and benefit from the ins and outs of CBD information.