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Isolate Based Soft Gel Capsules 30mg by Incr-edibles

Isolate Based Soft Gel Capsules 30mg by Incr-edibles
Isolate Based Soft Gel Capsules 30mg by Incr-edibles
30mg per capsule
Isolate Based Soft Gel Capsules 30mg by Incr-edibles
Isolate Based Soft Gel Capsules 30mg by Incr-edibles
Isolate Based Soft Gel Capsules 30mg by Incr-edibles
CBD Type: Isolate
Pack Size: 30
mg per pack: 900mg
mg per capsule: 30mg
Cost per 10mg serving: £1.17
CBD Country of origin: U.S.A.
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Isolate Based Soft Gel Capsules 30mg (CBD) by Incr-edibles

These 99% Pure CBD Soft Gels are our alternative to the Distillate capsules we also have available. Here our intention is to provide you the customer with flexibility of choice. This is CBD in its purest form, devoid of all other compounds including THC which many people prefer to bypass. We leave that decision up to you but have products to suit whatever your choice happens to be.

Use of Cannabidiol edibles

The use of Cannabidiol edibles for CBD dosing is becoming ever more popular as people look for more convenient, enjoyable ways to use CBD. The benefits of using Cannabidiol edibles over oil based tinctures are obvious with taste being the major factor. Also, the convenience of just popping a CBD edible food product into your mouth while on the move or just a normal part of your busy daily schedule is very appealing. Some people allude to the fact that eating CBD products may not be the most effective use of CBD it is certainly one of the most enjoyable. Where the amount of available CBD is considered to be less when it is eaten there is generally more time for the onset of the CBD. In some cases the CBD will take over an hour to start working, however, once the CBD from the edible starts to take effect it will generally last for a much longer period of time than would be the case for other CBD delivery methods. There are pros and cons to each CBD usage method are varied and it really depends on your choice and what your priority is. Whichever option you choose or prefer we hope that our products will suit your specific requirements.

Are these edibles legal (U.K.)

We are often asked “are your edibles legal?” U.K. laws state that as long as the THC content within a product falls below a set level (0.2%) then they are legal providing that any individual product contains a total amount of less that 1.0 gram of THC. 

All of the Cannabidiol edibles we sell are perfectly legal in the U.K and are not to be confused with Cannabis edibles that people would eat to try to get “high.” Our products are carefully manufactured and all assurances can be given to the legality and quality of the products we provide.


Types of edibles

CBD food products or edibles as they are more commonly known come in many different types, such as gummies, mints, chocolate, capsules etc and these product ranges are growing all the time. If you are looking to buy edibles then we have a range of not only CBD Edible products but also CBG edibles. U.K. edibles are mainly made using CBD but we here at Incr-edibles are delighted to announce that we are now offering some delicious CBG edibles such as our Chocolate CBG truffles containing salted caramel. These can be purchased with either a hazelnut or toasted coconut outer. For more information on CBG (Cannabigerol) have a look at our CBG oils page. 

These 30mg Soft Gel Capsules (CBD) are our premium strength Isolate capsules but we also stock 10mg Isolate Based Soft Gel Capsules (CBD) should you wish to use a milder strength alternative.

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