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Soft Gel Capsules CBD by Incr-edibles

Soft Gel Capsules CBD by Incr-edibles

Soft Gel Capsules CBD by Incr-edibles

Ease of use and convenience are benefits that spring to mind with our Soft Gel capsules CBD by Incr-edibles . Our range of 4 different types of CBD capsules offer both Distillate & Isolate based CBD capsules. These capsules can be easily carried around with you and are easy to take with just a drink of water, coffee or tea etc. Our Distillate based Soft Gel capsules boast a Full plant CBD containing all the various cannabinoids including high levels of CBG. Because of this, these particular options do also include trace levels of THC, a consideration for most who undertake drug tests. We offer each type of CBD oil capsule in 30mg options but also our Full Spectrum option in 10mg so there is a good variety available to you with these products. Further to this we also have a Soft Gel Isolate based alternative. These are the perfect CBD (Cannabidiol) products for professionals who may have to undertake drug testing as part of their employment or lifestyle. Again, much in line with the Distillate option these Isolate based options are also available in either 10mg or 30mg capsule strengths. 

"Please note that with our 30mg capsule strengths we recommend a maximum of 2 capsules in a 24 hour period”

Full Spectrum Soft Gel Capsules

These particular CBD Capsules containing the full range of plant compounds

Here we have our Distillate based option which contains all the naturally occurring compounds contained within the hemp plant. This CBD (Cannabidiol) is said to produce the "Entourage Effect" This is a phrase coined to mean that the plants compounds work in synergy maximising the effect of the product. When you use CBD edible products such as these CBD capsules, please keep in mind that although the onset and effect may take longer than alternative CBD dosing methods. Additionally, the effect of the CBD oil contained is that it is much longer lasting. This is another of the benefits of CBD oil capsules as opposed to oil tinctures. This is a very versatile product indeed.

Isolate Soft Gel Capsules

At Incr-edibles we like to offer our customers the option to choose what types of CBD capsules they prefer. Many people have varying reasons why they choose one product over another should it be taste, effect, or just based on personal experience. Due to this we like to be able to make options available and our Isolate based capsules help us do just that. This particular kind of CBD is as pure as it comes. When extracted from the plant all other compounds are left behind and the CBD is itself “isolated.” The  Isolate used in these CBD capsules is manufactured in line with GMP guidelines. Grown in America it is a high quality CBD to match any out there. We now only have options available within this range and we feel that these will cover most peoples needs.

30mg CBD full spectrum capsules 30 pack

30mg CBD Isolate Soft Gel Capsules (CBD)

These are our premium strength, THC-Free CBD capsules. Containing a full 30mg dose  these CBD capsules are an option for those requiring a high strength product. We recommend using a maximum of only 2 of these capsules in any 24 hour period. Like all of the cannabinoid goods we sell these are made with only the the best American GMP Certified CBD.

Are these edibles legal (UK) 

We are often asked “are your edibles legal?” U.K. laws state that as long as the THC content within a product falls below a set level (0.2%) then they are legal providing that any one individual product contains a total amount of less that 1.0 gram of THC. 

All of the Cannabidiol edibles we sell are perfectly legal in the U.K and are not to be confused with Cannabis edibles that people would eat to try to get “high.” Our CBD products are all carefully manufactured and all assurances can be given to the legality and quality of the products we provide.

Isolate Based Soft Gel Capsules 30mg by Incr-edibles Isolate Based Soft Gel Capsules 30mg by Incr-edibles
30mg per capsule
Model: 30mg Isolate Based Soft Gel Capsules (CBD) by Incr-edibles
Isolate Based Soft Gel Capsules 30mg (CBD) by Incr-ediblesThese 99% Pure CBD Soft Gels are our alternative to the Distillate capsules we also have available. Here our intention is to provide you the customer with flexibility of choice. This is CBD in its purest form, devoid of all other compounds in..
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