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CBD Isolate – Its uses, benefits, and costs

Of the three main types of CBD (Cannabidiol) extracted from the cannabis plant, CBD Isolate is one of them, and this is CBD in its purest form. This isolate CBD comes in the form of either a powder or CBD Isolate crystals. These types of CBD Isolate appear as a fine white powder or a crystalline powder. They are a pure CBD that, in effect, has been “isolated” from the cannabis plants and is devoid of the many other cannabinoids contained within the plant.

When we state Cannabis plants, we generally refer to industrial hemp plants that contain shallow levels of THC and are preferred species used in the production of CBD isolate.


What is the strongest CBD I can buy in the UK?

                                                                                                                                            Close up image of CBD Isolate crystals spread out under a hemp leaf


When writing this article, the most potent bottles of isolate-based CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) available in the UK are 10ml bottles containing 5000mg of CBD. Our opinion is that CBD products of this strength are not in the customers’ best interests and offer very little flexibility over ideal dosing amounts. As a result of this lack of flexibility, customers could inadvertently cost themselves a lot of money by using more CBD than is necessary for their specific dosing requirements.


Can you buy isolate-based CBD products in the UK?

CBD Isolate is now widely available in the UK. It can be purchased either as a powdered CBD or contained within many CBD Isolate products, including oils and tinctures. CBD Isolate is a great product and is very versatile. By adding CBD Isolate to your favourite foods or mixing it with carrier oils such as MCT oil (coconut oil) or olive oil, you can create your very own food supplements and oils.

                                                                                                                           6 x 30ml Flavoured CBD Bottles including Orange, Lemon, Mint, Natural, Banana and Strawberry by Incr-edibles


How much is CBD isolate crystals?

CBD crystals or crystalline powder prices can vary greatly depending on where you buy them. Our opinion is that the very best pure CBD Isolate originates in the USA. We believe this is the best quality, but the testing for heavy metals, the fact that the product and producers are working with Good manufacturing practices, and the level of control exercised in producing the highest quality products are second to none in our experience. The price of CBD crystals in the UK is dependent on where they have originated. CBD made in China, and Eastern Europe is inevitably much cheaper than CBD manufactured in the USA. The reasons are partly down to the complete control of the processes involved in bringing these products to the marketplace and the safety costs incurred.


How much is 1g of CBD isolate in the UK?

For high-quality, pure CBD Isolate, you should currently expect to pay about £10 per gram in the UK. There will, of course, be significant variance in this price based on the quantity you purchase, where you buy it, and ultimately where it originates.

When shopping for CBD Isolate (UK), it is much more essential to ensure the quality of the product you order rather than concentrating on trying to save money. Check with the company to see if they have lab reports, where they source it, and the country in which it originated.


How much CBD isolate powder should I use?

How much you pay for CBD Isolate will come down to many factors. The main is the desired amount of the product you need to alleviate the condition you are using it. The costs will also vary depending on the CBD (Cannabidiol) product you have obtained.

The UK Food Standards Agency state guidelines have provided that an adult should use no more than 70mg of CBD in 24 hours. This level is a figure that our supplier has also advised over the past few years.


What can you mix CBD isolate with?

With CBD Isolate being such a flexible product, you can mix it with many items to produce many CBD (Cannabidiol) products. Use CBD Isolate by infusing it into coconut oil to create the widely available food supplement we all know as CBD Oil. It has also become increasingly used in vape juice and CBD E-liquid. A few isolate drops can be dissolved perfectly into olive oil and used with your favourite foods, and also used in CBD capsules, gummy products, and many other CBD products in the basket.

                                                                                                                                               1 White bottle of CBD Isolate Soft gel capsules with capsules in front.

How often should you use CBD isolate?

CBD Isolate use is open to interpretation by a vast number of users. It can be taken as a single dose once each day or split into a couple of smaller quantities, and in some cases, people prefer to use a process called micro-dosing. Micro-dosing is as it sounds, taking low dosage amounts over more frequent intervals throughout the day. Again, deciding what suits you best and how you go about administering that dose is a purely personal decision. We would suggest trying to ensure that while doing this, you stick within the recommended guidelines of 70mg CBD for an adult’s daily CBD use. We at Incr-edibles provide a graduated pipette with every 30ml CBD oil bottle to assist you in calculating the correct dose every time quickly.

                                                                                                                                                             A pipette from a dropper bottle with graduated markings from 0.2 to 1.0ml

What is the best way to use CBD isolate?

There isn’t mainly the best way to use pure CBD Isolate, but you can add the desired amount of CBD isolate to your carrier oil of choice, such as coconut oil, to create a CBD oil and use it that way. Alternatively, if you use a vape, add CBD Isolate to your e-liquid to complete your personalised CBD product.


What does CBD powder make you feel?

CBD powder has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the many ways you can use it, and its benefits are becoming talked about more and more. CBD continues to gain attention for helping people in their daily lives with sleep-related issues, helping to alleviate anxiety, reducing pain, and assisting people with arthritis.

Some users state that it makes them feel energised or more alert. CBD oil and products impact people in many different ways, and in most cases, their experiences are beneficial.


What is the best CBD to buy UK?

This question is hotly contested and will continue to be for a long time. While many sellers within the UK CBD market will state that full-spectrum CBD products are the best due to the idea of the “entourage effect,” there are scientists who claim this is not necessarily the case.

There is no one size fits all, and we feel that a good quality CBD Isolate product would surely be better to use than a poor or mediocre Broad or Full spectrum product.

Another consideration when using full-spectrum products is if and how the THC may affect any possible work-related drug testing. At Incr-edibles, we make our products using the highest quality, 99% pure CBD produced in line with Good Manufacturing Practices.


Is CBD isolate legal in the UK?

Unlike other cannabis plant substances, CBD Isolate is undoubtedly the safest of the different forms of CBD available in the UK. It is derived mainly from industrial hemp and is an isolated compound. There are no other cannabinoids found, unlike full-spectrum CBD products, containing the psychotropic compound THC. The lack of additional compounds is the main difference between CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD products.


Is CBD isolate any good?

Good quality CBD Isolate is most definitely a valuable product and by many customers who derive great benefit from it. We have had many interactions with various users who have been happy with the relief it has provided to them and their pets.


What is bulk powders CBD isolate?

Bulk CBD Isolate is just the terminology given to CBD by wholesalers who look to sell large quantities of the product. These bulk powders sell to companies such as shops looking to retail the CBD powder or CBD Isolate crystals or use CBD Isolate in their products such as CBD oil, topical goods, and CBD edibles.


What are the benefits of CBD isolate?

                                                                                                                                                                                  1 x 30ml Bottle of Strawberry Flavoured CBD by Incr-edibles pictured with 3 large juicy strawberries

Bulk CBD Isolate is just the terminology given to CBD by wholesalers who look to sell large quantities of the product. These bulk powders sell to companies such as shops looking to retail the CBD powder or CBD Isolate crystals or use CBD Isolate in their products such as CBD oil, topical goods, and CBD edibles.



As stated previously, there are many benefits of CBD Isolate. As a tasteless and odourless product, it is a perfect partner to use in all types of food products. Isolate can still be useable up to reasonably high temperatures of 140 degrees centigrade and, as such, is regularly included in the following edible products;


  • Gummies
  • CBD Chocolate
  • CBD Honey
  • Edible CBD oils and food dressing

Alternatively, isolate powder is also included in topical skin and cosmetic products, including CBD Salves, CBD Balms, creams, and lotions.

The benefit this product has over goods containing THC is that there are no unnecessary concerns or possible implications over the potential for anyone who may have to consider or undertake work-based drug testing.

CBD Isolate-based goods are products in the basket that you don’t have to worry about.

Is CBD isolate the same as CBD oil?

CBD Isolate crystals, or CBD powder, are ingredients that make CBD oils when added to carrier oils of choice. They are not CBD oil in themselves.


Will CBD isolate make you test positive?

As stated previously, it is safe to use CBD isolate. One of its many benefits is that it is not psychotropic, unlike other substances such as THC, and will not cause any problems regarding failing drug tests. It is lovely to use this form of pure CBD. It is frequently derived from hemp or the hemp plant and has all other cannabinoids removed.


Is there such a thing as Water-Soluble CBD Isolate?

Yes, water-soluble CBD Isolate is available and can be a fantastic alternative to oil-based CBD products. Some of the benefits of this particular CBD option are that water-soluble CBD is much more compatible with the human body. It is more easily absorbed and thus has a much higher efficacy. Water-soluble CBD can be 10x more effective than conventional CBD oil products. You can feel the effects of Water-soluble CBD  in as little as 20 minutes, and it is known to stay effective in the body longer than oil-based CBD options.

As an alternative to oil-based CBD Isolate products, this is a product well worth considering.