About Us

Hello and Welcome to our site here at Incr-edibles. 

We started out 3 years ago, are based in Scotland and provide great quality CBD and related cannabinoid products. We help and inform our customers of CBD benefits, their best uses and applications. Our aim is to maximise the effectiveness that the cannabinoids we sell provide.

While most other CBD companies and brands out there will generally sell a few CBD options we try to offer an extensive range of products from oil-based CBD, CBG and blends through to our very own edible CBD creations such as our truffles, honey and dog treats. Our experience behind the various products we sell tell us that not all cannabinoids are created equal. We consider this in our approach when recommending products for specific requirements, this helps to enhance their effectiveness.  This is why we are constantly looking to broaden our range of cannabinoids. 

Added to this, we also understand that while effectively dealing with an issue is the main requirement of our products we realise that people may want to do this in the most pleasurable manner possible. This is why we are continually exploring and creating various delicious edible products. We hope that you find suitable products from within our range to suit your requirements. 


If you need any help or assistance in choosing the most suitable products for your needs or would just like a chat with regards to the background of the products we sell, please give us a shout.  We have a contact form available and will get back to you as soon as we can.


Thank You