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Our great range of CBG and CBD edibles

CBG & CBD edibles, from CBG Honey to CBD Gummies

The CBD edibles market and current trends

How the CBD edibles market is unfolding

CBD edibles have increasingly become sought after in the past couple of years and that pattern looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. While Cannabis/Marijuana based edibles have been made for centuries, these were normally made with a view to providing the user with an experience as opposed to trying to gain any health benefits from them. With the recent understanding of the effects of CBD and related Cannabinoids from a wellbeing point of view many people are now deciding to try the various types of CBD edibles that are filling the shelves of shops up and down the country. The predicted use of CBD edibles in the near future is staggering . The American CBD edibles market predicts that we may see $2.5 billion of sales per annum by he year 2025. It is thought that CBD drinks and beverages alone will account for over 60% of the market. If we take the American market as a general guide it is clear to see that CBD edibles are a large part of the CBD industry as a whole and that they are looked upon as a great way to use CBD or CBG based goods.

Is CBD legal UK

The current situation regarding the use of CBD products in the U.K.

CBD has quickly become a household term within the past couple of years and people are in general aware of its background. CBD is one of the 2 main compounds found within the cannabis plant. The other main compound is THC. THC is known to be the compound that is responsible for inducing the “high” effects of edibles when people eat Cannabis gummies and also when they smoke Cannabis with high levels of THC. Most high level THC based products including Cannabis edibles are not legally sold in the U.K. CBD on the other hand is legal as long as any THC contained within it falls below a certain level which is currently a very low 0.2% and providing that there is no more than 1 gram of THC contained within any individual product. Most types of CBD products advertised online and in shops will be perfectly legal due to the low THC levels and will not fall foul of the law. So with this in mind you should be safe when purchasing CBD in the U.K. from most retail premises or bona fide websites. Our products are in no way representative of the illegal Cannabis edibles as mentioned above and are 100% safe.

Keeping our products competitive

Providing the best possible CBG & CBD products

As a CBD company, we at Incr-edibles we have always been eager to address the food side of the CBD industry. We hope that our current range of CBD edibles will suit most customers requirements in the benefits that they provide but are also very enjoyable from a taste perspective. We think they are great and hope you find this too. Below are listed our current range of CBG & CBD edibles, however, we are always working on new goods and this list will no doubt change quickly and new recipes and ideas get worked on. At present we do not hold any CBD drinks such as CBD tea of CBD coffee, however we have very good reason for this. We stock a CBD product that is Water Soluble which you can use by adding directly to your favourite juice, tea and coffee. It can also be added to directly to water to give you your very own CBD water. The benefits of using this particular CBD is that it will be more effective than most CBD tea and coffee you can buy due to its compatibility with the body. The Bioavailability of this product is much better than oil based CBD, CBD infused coffee or tea bags and it will work out to be much cheaper.

CBD Gummy Cubes

Our 25mg CBD Gummy Cubes made with 99% Pure CBD

Our equivalent CBD edibles to gummy bears are these great tasting CBD Gummy cubes which have been infused with CBD which is 99% pure. As such, these gummies are accurately formulated and this gives you regular, equal dosing each time you eat one. Containing a strong 25mg dose of CBD these gummies taste fantastic as well as providing a more than adequate amount of great quality CBD. CBD edibles release the contained CBD into your body more slowly than when using oil based drops. Using any oil based tinctures for delivery of CBD tends to give more of a spike effect and then wears off more quickly in comparison to foodstuffs that have been infused with CBD.

Not to be confused with cannabis gummies that produce a "high" this product contains no THC so is 100% safe to use. The effects of our CBD edibles such as these CBD Gummy Cubes are in no way comparable to those of illegal CBD products. They are perfectly safe and comply with U.K. laws. The flavours included are Raspberry, Mango, Lemon-lime & Strawberry, this product is suitable for vegans.

CBD Mints

CBD Mints containing 15mg CBD per mint

These CBD Mints are an excellent, easy method of CBD delivery and all in a fresh and tasty package. Great tasting and THC-Free with a very nice 15mg dose for every 1 CBD mint. These are available in packs of either 30 or 60 mints and they are made using 99% pure CBD Isolate. So again, this 100% THC-Free option is perfect for professionals who may have to undertake work based drug testing. Quality, taste and convenience are the benefits of these particular CBD edibles.

Soft Gel Capsules

Here we offer 2 types of CBD in either 10mg or 30mg strength

Soft Gel capsules (CBD) we offer are available in two different types. We stock both Full Spectrum CBD capsules containing all the plants compounds including THC or a THC-Free, CBD Isolate option. All Our CBD edibles promote choice for all of our customers and these CBD Distillate capsules will cover most tastes and needs. Additionally, this is reflected in the strengths we offer these capsules in. We stock both 10mg and our high strength 30mg options for both capsule types. This means we can offer you a total of 4 alternative soft gel capsule types giving you flexibility in your choice of these particular CBD edibles.

Chocolate CBG Truffles

Our 25mg Salted Caramel CBG Truffles with a choice of hazelnut or Coconut Coating

Here we are, it gives us great delight to bring what we believe is another 1st to the U.K. CBD edibles industry.  Our very own choice of CBG edibles. We know how good a product we have on our hands with our CBG (Cannabigerol) but we didn’t want to rest on our laurels. While oil based tinctures are all good and well we appreciate that people enjoy the nicer things in life and nothing comes better than a beautiful chocolate treat. With this in mind we got busy and have made these delightful truffles containing a full 25mg of CBG in each one.  We have plain chocolate truffles with a delicious salted caramel inside and finished off with a choice of either a hazelnut or toasted caramel outer. These CBG truffles are delicious at the same time as containing a very efficient cannabinoid. We will continue to make our CBG and CBD edibles as enjoyable as we possibly can. More information relating to CBG (Cannabigerol) and these particular truffles can be found on our CBG oils page. Why not consider purchasing some quality Broad Spectrum oil or Cannabigerol and creating your very own baked goods. Infuse your product into cooking oil or butter and make yourself some of your very own CBD edibles that not only taste great but will bring you the benefits that these fantastic products can provide. We will continue to create and supply only premium quality CBG and CBD edibles.

CBD & CBG Raw Heather Honey

A product known for its ability to heal, infused with CBD or CBG

We are delighted to offer this fantastic, high quality natural product known for its great ability to heal various ailments. This is infused with our excellent Cannabinoid options providing us with a CBD honey and a CBG version also. The Raw Heather honey we use in these products is simply the best tasting honey we have ever come across, it is produced in the heather covered highlands of North East Scotland. Recently,  Scottish Raw Heather Honey has been classed as a Superfood and is now stated as being on a par with the very best Manuka honey available. This is due to the extremely high levels of Manganese contained within the honey. This honey really is something special. The CBD we have used to add to this is our Broad Spectrum CBD distillate which is a fantastic option in it's own right but these two products combined make one very powerful jar of CBD honey. We have also decided to make a version of this containing our CBG as this high quality cannabinoid also has many strong points. Should you require help on which option would be best for you drop us a line or contact us and we will assist you in making the best choice. Please note that the jars used for these products are 300ml, each jar contains 600mg of CBD or CBG and the weight of the honey is just short of half a kilogram, weighing in at 485g. 

The jars we use for our honey are made using Biophotonic glassware, these can be kept for storing foods after use given its fantastic properties for preserving foods. As a Scottish company we were extremely happy to be able to work closely with another Scottish supplier who provides fantastic natural products of the highest quality. The history behind the Buckfast bees which make this honey and the story of Brother Adam are fascinating in their own respect and information regarding both can be found here on Wikipedia. We are currently awaiting images for these but both types of honey are currently available for sale and are in stock. Please get in touch with us using our contact form if you would like to purchase some.

 "This basically proves what we knew all along: Scottish Heather honey is a superfood. It is also now the second largest source of Manganese in the world."   

Dr Adrian Charlton - FERA Science Ltd.

We take Pride in what we do

Your satisfaction is our reward

Where we try to be different and stand out from the norm is that we make most of our own CBD edibles and we know exactly what goes into them. From the choice of infused Cannabinoids to the home made caramel sauces, the 70% dark Belgian Chocolate we use in our CBD truffles and our locally sourced Raw Heather Honey. We really do take great pride in the quality of our finished CBD edibles and hope that you will enjoy using and benefitting from them. We will continue to research and make only premium quality CBG & CBD edibles and we will only add products that we feel reach the levels we aspire to. UK legal and bursting with taste while providing optimum effectiveness is what we strive to achieve and we believe we have ticked all the boxes with our current range. We also have a fantastic range of excellent CBG and CBG oils including our Flavoured CBD oilsWater Soluble CBDBroad Spectrum (Distillate) CBD, and of course our excellent CBG (Cannabigerol). 


None of the above products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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