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CBG Honey 1800mg by Incr-edibles

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CBG Honey 1800mg by Incr-edibles

An alternative to CBD Honey is our CBG Honey 1800mg by Incr-edibles. The only difference between both products is the choice of cannabinoid offered, and here we use our fantastic 98% pure CBG (Cannabigerol). The base CBG ingredient used in making this product is also sourced in the U.S.A. and made to GMP standards. The CBG used is both excellent in quality and is a very effective cannabinoid. Although CBG is still a lesser-known cannabinoid than CBD, this is in no way indicative of its ability to help with various health-related issues. Our experience with customers and feedback confirms that the efficacy of this product is excellent indeed. Allied to that are the many studies and tests that have been undertaken and have provided confirmation of this as a very effective and influential member of the cannabinoid family. 

CBG has been said to help people dealing with depression and anxiety-related issues, but it is also proving itself to be a highly effective anti-inflammatory. CBG is a product we regularly recommend to customers with arthritis or pain. CBG may also help people who have sleep-related issues.

We have infused this excellent ingredient into a fantastic Scottish Raw Heather Honey to provide a solid and robust product with many benefits. 

This fantastic choice of CBG honey is impressive, boasting almost half a kilo (approximately 480 grams) in weight.

As well as our CBG Honey 1800mg by Incr-edibles we also offer these other 3 options including our CBD Heather honey.

CBG Honey 600mgCBD Honey 600mgCBD Honey 1800mg


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