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CBD oil for Dogs (UK) - 600mg

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CBD Oil for Dogs (UK) - 600mg

 - Designed with your dogs in mind - 

With our dogs CBD oil we have chosen both the strength and the type of CBD product used after some careful consideration. We have done this to ensure the welfare of your dog is never in question and that all dog owners can deliver accurate dosing amounts in the easiest way possible.

Why we chose this particular type of CBD

This was an easy decision for us to take

There were 3 main types of CBD we could have opted for when we chose to make this CBD product.

Those options are;


        99% Pure CBD Isolate (No THC contained)

        Broad Spectrum CBD (can contain some THC)

        Full Spectrum CBD (contains THC within legal UK guidelines)

We chose to go with the first option, a 99% Pure CBD Isolate product. This is made in the U.S.A. under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and is a food grade product. It is the same, highest quality CBD Isolate we use when making this type of CBD Oil products for humans and in our opinion is the best cbd for dogs.

The reason we have chosen this over the other two forms of CBD listed is the fact that it has no THC contained in it. THC is the compound within the hemp/cannabis plant that is responsible for getting people "high" or "stoned." This is not a compound we would like to be delivered to your animals in any amount so the decision was an easy one. The CBD we are using will still help to deliver benefits to your dog so we just don't see the need to have take risks, jeopardise your dogs health or have any unnecessary side effects. We want our CBD products to provide your pets with the maximum amount of benefit and care that we can.

Why we chose this strength of CBD

The concentration of the CBD in these bottles is perfect

The reason that we have decided to use this strength (concentration) of CBD for this product is a fairly straightforward one. The 30ml bottles that this CBD oil comes in contain 600 drops. So, with this in mind we have made the strength of this product to contain 600mg of CBD in total. What this means is that each drop of CBD you give to your dog will contain 1 mg of CBD.

        Simple, easy, accurate dosing. 1 drop = 1mg of CBD

How much CBD should you give to your dog

We have made this as simple as possible

Now that we know how much CBD there is in each drop of this CBD product we can now look at the size of dog and the respective dosage amounts.

Small Dogs ( like Monty ) - 3mg (3 drops) per serving

For small dogs which we would classify as dogs weighing up to 25lbs we would recommend one serving as being a dose of 3mg of CBD. In instances where your dog is in considerable pain a 2nd serving within the day may be a consideration. If this is the case we strongly advise that the 2 servings have a period of at least 6 hours between each serving.

Medium Sized Dogs ( like Tor ) - 6mg (6 drops) per serving

For medium sized dogs which we would classify as dogs weighing between 25lbs - 55lbs we would recommend one serving as being a dose of 6mg of CBD. Again, in instances where your dog is experiencing chronic pain or you feel that they would benefit from a 2nd serving please ensure a 6 hour gap between servings.

Large Dogs ( like Bella ) - 10mg (10drops) per serving

For large dogs weighing over 55lbs in weight we would recommend one serving as being a dose amounting to 10mg of CBD. Much the same as above, if you think that a 2nd serving of our CBD would be beneficial to your dog due to chronic pain or similar please ensure that a gap of at least 6 hours is left between each serving.

"In all instances, if your dog is already on any other type of medication we would urge that you discuss your intention to give your dog CBD with your vet first to avoid any contraindications or problematic side effects. We would advise this for all pet owners who are considering CBD as an option for their pets."

How to give CBD to your dog

Just add to your dogs normal food or treats

There are various ways in which you can administer CBD to your dog. The easiest option is to just add it in with the dogs food at feeding time. Another option would be to take a dog biscuit or dog treat and just drop the required amount of CBD onto it. As an alternative to CBD oil we have created our own range of Incr-edibles CBD Dog Treats in suitable strengths for all dog sizes. These treats are made with our Banana and Peanut butter recipe. Whichever product you choose to give to your dog we sincerely hope that our products will provide the benefits you want for your pets.

Hemp Oil v's CBD for pets

Don't be caught out with the wrong product

We would prefer not to have to mention this particular topic but it crops up too often for us to ignore. Please be advised that CBD oil and Hemp oils are generally 2 completely different products. While CBD for pets are recognised and known for providing many health benefits Hemp oils are no more that just oils pressed from hemp plant and seeds and will not provide any kind of pain relief or have any similar effects.. They have virtually none of the benefits of CBD products and will only derive benefits similar to giving your dog Omega or the like. These products are being sold and often marketed at pet owners by unscrupulous companies looking to benefit from the misunderstandings of the products. We would advise you to ignore any product that does not specifically state that it is CBD when looking to use CBD products for your pets.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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