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CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD Oil for Dogs

Effective, easy to use CBD for your dog

We only use premium quality CBD

Our CBD oil for dogs is produced using only the best food grade American CBD which has been manufactured in line with Good Manufacturing Practices. Each batch of CBD we buy from our supplier has been independently tested by a third party lab and we receive their paperwork with every order we place.  You can be safe in the knowledge that we only use the best quality CBD oil when we make of our CBD products for dogs. 

Our products do not contain THC

Why we have chosen to use a CBD Isolate option for all of our pet products

The type of CBD product we have opted for in making our CBD for dogs is what is referred to as CBD isolate. This particular CBD has been extracted from the cannabis/hemp plant and has had all other cannabinoids removed,  in effect the CBD has been "isolated." What this means is that the compound THC which is more commonly associated with marijuana and getting people "high" has been completely removed from this form of CBD. As such, the CBD used here is 99% pure and contains no THC at all. By using this particular form of THC-free CBD oil you can guarantee that the CBD product will be safe from having any possible negative effects. While there are many cbd companies out there selling full spectrum cbd oil products for animals we do not recommend this and would advise against it so not to risk any negative side effects. Broad Spectrum is another type of CBD that people assume will be void of THC but we know from experience that this is most certainly not the case. As such, we as a company feel that Isolate based CBD is the safest and best CBD oil to use when working with animals. Our high quality CBD oil product also contains 98% pure MCT oil. MCT is a type of coconut oil and is a very good stand alone product for health. It is deemed to be the best possible oil to use when making oil CBD products such as this one.

What are the Benefits of CBD for Dogs

There are many instances where CBD has been shown to be beneficial to animals

All animals like humans have what is known as an Endocannabinoid System and as such parallels were initially drawn that CBD would be able to assist animals in the same way as it does people. Case studies and experience of many pet owners have shown the benefits that CBD goods can provide for various animals. It has been found that CBD oil can be beneficial to dogs with arthritis or dogs that may suffer as a result of hip displasia and mobility issues. It has also been stated that CBD has anti inflammatory properties and can may even help with pain management. While we can't state this specifically there is a lot of information on the internet alluding to how much help and relief that CBD oils can provide for animals. Ideally we are all looking to provide a better quality of life by helping provide the stated health benefits and pain relief that CBD is said to bring. Using high quality premium CBD oil and related products can assist in doing this for both humans and pets alike.

Made for Ease of Use

This CBD is made for ease of use and dosing accuracy where 1 drop of oil = 1mg of CBD

At Incr-edibles this concentration of CBD oil has been designed to keep dosing as simple as possible. This has been done for you to easily and accurately calculate how much CBD to give to your dog regardless of its size.

Below we have given a guide to the dosage levels that should be considered for the various sizes of your pets. We would advise that if you do consider giving your dog a 2nd dose in any given 24 hour period you should leave at least a minimum of 6 hours between doses.

                                     For Small Dogs                       3mg (3 Drops)

                                     For Medium Dogs                   6mg (6 Drops)

                                     For Large Dogs                   10mg (10 Drops)

An alternative CBD option for your Dog

Our range of CBD Dog Treats available in packs of 30 for small, medium and large dogs.

These drops can be added directly to your dogs normal food or can also just be dropped onto any treats. Just let the drops soak into the treat and then give this to your dog. Alternatively, we also other CBD products for dogs such as our Banana and Peanut butter treats. We think your pets may just love them.

If you would like to know more about our other CBD products or our vast array of CBG & CBD oils range please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you in further detail. Alternatively your vet will be able to assist you with any concerns you have. If your pet is already on any medication then we would strongly suggest that this is a discussion that you really should take up with your vet before you begin using CBD as part of your pets regimen.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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