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CBG & CBD Honey by Incr-edibles

CBG & CBD Honey by Incr-edibles

CBG & CBD Honey

Giving you 2 great Cannabinoids to choose from

Welcome to our delicious range of CBG & CBD honey by Incr-edibles. As a supplier of great CBD edible products, we decided early on that CBD Honey was an item that we wanted to provide due to its amazing healing potential and the all round goodness it provides for a number of ailments. Thousands of years of history and use allude to its wonderful properties. In order to provide only the best CBD honey it was of paramount importance that we sourced only the best available Raw Honey to marry with our premium cannabinoids. Initially that cannabinoid was CBD (Cannabidiol) but we now also have another option in the form of CBG Honey (Cannabigerol) so now offer two types of infused honey products.

With regards to the Cannabinoids we have used in these products they both originate from the cannabis plant or hemp plant as it is often referred to when people discuss CBD. CBD extract is removed from the plant and is often used to make CBD oil which people use in order to alleviate various health issues. The CBD oil we have used to make our CBD honey product is a Broad Spectrum CBD distillate. This type of CBD contains all the plants compounds, it is suggested that with all the compounds present and working in synergy that this enhances the beneficial aspects of the CBD. This has been termed as the “Entourage Effect” and is commonly accepted to mean this. CBD oil affects our Endocannabinoid System and is said to help the body in a large number of ways such as boosting immune system responses which impact and help to alleviate certain health conditions. There are some side effects that have been noted with CBD use such as drowsiness, fatigue and dry throats but this is not something we have come across. The CBG product that we use is initially provided to us as an isolated white powder product and we then add this to a very small amount of MCT coconut oil and then infuse this slowly into our Raw Heather Honey assuring that it is made using only natural products that are 100% free from chemical additives.  

In respect of sore throats, honey is well known as a good cure for that very issue. Raw Heather honey is also known to be a great source of  antioxidants, and can alleviate certain types of skin condition as well as help heal burns. In addition to this fantastic honey the CBD extract we have used in making this CBD honey is of the highest quality.

Raw Heather Honey Farm Bee Hives

    Our Scottish Raw Heather CBD Honey

    Sourcing only the very best natural products

    We have found a local honey supplier in Scotland who keeps his hives in the north east highlands of Scotland. His 2 different types of bees made up of the Buckfast and Carniolan bee varieties are situated in amongst the heather covered hills of Aberdeenshire. Heather covers the mountains there and as such the type of honey that is harvested is Heather Honey. In 2020 research conducted by Fera Sciences confirmed that Scottish Raw Heather honey contained very high levels of Manganese, in some cases as much as 10 times the amount of other superfoods. It has been stated that this particular type of honey looks set to match the best available Manuka Honey in respect of its quality and make up. As a result of these findings were were absolutely delighted to realise that our decision to go with this high quality honey was a good one. Our own thoughts and customer reviews and feedback had hinted to the quality of this product but to hear it from such a reputable source and backed up by science was indeed the kind confirmation we were delighted and excited to hear. 

    CBD Raw Heather Honey 600mg Jar

    CBD (Cannabidiol) Infused Raw Heather Honey

    Beautiful, natural & effective

    With our honey type chosen it was time to work with the CBD products that we wanted to use. For this infused CBD honey we have chosen to use our Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate. This is a very powerful CBD with high levels of the plants compounds, it is also rich in terpenes and contains fantastic levels of CBG. This particular of Broad Spectrum does contain trace levels of THC so if this is of any concern please contact us as we can offer a THC-free CBD honey using a CBD Isolate. 

    This Raw Heather CBD Honey is of the highest quality, it has not been watered down and has no added sugar, it has not undergone super pasteurisation which breaks down the honey and impacts its natural goodness or health benefits.  It is a pure honey with only CBD added and no other ingredients.

    CBG (Cannabigerol) Infused Raw Heather Honey

    A Fantastic alternative to CBD Honey

    If a THC-Free honey product is what you are looking for our CBG infused honey is our option. CBG has very similar properties to CBD and also contains many of the benefits of CBD as well as providing other benefits. It has been stated that it is an aid with regards to anxiety and helping to relieve pain as well s helping with other conditions. This information however is anecdotal and is not something that we could confirm ourselves. A quick search of CBG online will provide information into this great product and what its recommended uses are. As above, the exact same great tasting natural honey has been used in the making of this product. Our 98% pure American CBG is a fantastic match and combines two excellent products to make sure that we have added another great CBD edible option to our range. Unlike our CBD Honey option we have had to add a tiny amount of coconut oil in the making of this product as a way in infuse the CBG with the honey. 

    CBG Raw Heather Honey 600mlBroad Spectrum CBD v's Full Spectrum CBD

    Carefully considered products, every time

    With this infused CBD honey we have decided to use our Broad Spectrum CBD as opposed to a Full Spectrum CBD product. Is there any real difference between the two types of CBD? No, would be our answer in this case. Normally, a Broad Spectrum CBD product is a Full Spectrum product that has had the THC removed leaving all the other compounds behind. However, this particular variety of Broad Spectrum CBD has very high levels of the plants compounds and also contains THC levels to match most products on the market that are being labelled and sold as Full Spectrum CBD products. The CBD we have used here really is premium grade, high potency CBD and is as good a product, if not better than many Full Spectrum CBD products being sold.

    How we look after our products

    Our products are delivered in a way to maximise and maintain their quality.

    In order to ensure that we protect the ingredients used in our products and maintain their quality we use a special glassware. The jars we use for this our honey are made from the same biophotonic glass which is known to be great at preserving food products. Once you have used your honey we would strongly advise holding onto these jars, cleaning and using them for food storage as the glass limits the negative effects of damage caused by light. We have seen these jars sell for as much as €18 online without any products in them.

    CBD Honey Product details and dosage amounts

    Serving guidelines when using these products

    For use in coffee

    Both our infused CBD honey and our CBG infused option can be eaten directly from the jar, on bread or crumpets and is also a fantastic sweetener when used in coffee instead of sugar.  


    These 300ml jars contain approximately;     440g of honey

    1 teaspoon measures out as;                          7g of honey


    As a result, you would get approximately 63 teaspoons in each jar of honey if using in a cup of coffee. Each teaspoon would be the equivalent of 9.5mg of either CBD infused honey or our CBG alternative.  


    For use on crumpets

    On crumpets as seen in our pictures a tablespoon measures out as ; 22g of honey

    As a result, you would get approximately 20 crumpets in each jar of honey. Each tablespoon serving of honey would be the equivalent of 30mg of either CBD or CBG.

    This really is a beautiful tasting pure honey. We asked the bee keeper if this particular product was organic and he advised that it is almost impossible for any beekeeper to state categorically that their honey is organic as this is determined by where the bees fly to and which flowers they land on. Please keep this in mind when looking at honey that states this.  As someone who regularly uses this product I can say that you will not be disappointed if you purchase this, it really is a delightful product and one that we feel both lucky and proud to sell.


    The images below are taken from the area in which the hives are located...

    Stottish raw heather honey Bee FarmStottish raw heather honey Bee FarmHills Of ScotlandScottish raw Heather

    CBD Raw Heather Honey (600mg) by Incr-edibles CBD Raw Heather Honey (600mg) by Incr-edibles
    600mg per jar
    Model: CBD Raw Heather Honey (600mg) by Incr-edibles
    Our Scottish Raw Heather CBD HoneySourcing only the very best natural productsWe have found a local honey supplier in Scotland who keeps his hives in the north east highlands of Scotland. His 2 different types of bees made up of the Buckfast and Carniolan bee varieties are situat..
    CBG Raw Heather Honey (600mg) by Incr-edibles CBG Raw Heather Honey (600mg) by Incr-edibles
    600mg per jar
    Model: CBG Raw Heather Honey (600mg) by Incr-edibles
    Our Scottish Raw Heather CBG HoneySourcing only the very best natural productsWe have found a local CBG Honey supplier in Scotland who keeps his hives in the north east highlands of Scotland. His 2 different types of bees made up of the Buckfast and Carniolan bee variet..
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