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CBD Gummy Cubes by Incr-edibles

CBD Gummy Cubes by Incr-edibles

CBD Gummy Cubes by Incr-edibles 

Our delicious fruit flavoured CBD gummy option

At Incr-edibles our aim is to offer only premium quality (Cannabidiol) CBD edibles and related cannabinoids. Our alternative to edible CBD infused gummy bears are these CBD cubes which have been carefully infused with a minimum of 25mg of CBD per gummy. The levels of CBD our gummies contain is fairly high and 1 gummy should be more than adequate as a daily dosage amount. We hope that you not only like the taste of these gummies but you also enjoy the many benefits of the CBD contained within them. These CBD gummy cubes can be used for general health, to boost your immune system, or added to your health and wellness routine to help alleviate a variety of issues. They are made using natural ingredients and are free from artificial sweeteners. These delicious gummies and a very enjoyable convenient way to consume your CBD. The fruit flavours consist of Strawberry, Lemon-Lime, Mango and Raspberry.  As opposed to Full Spectrum CBD gummies these high quality CBD gummy cubes are made using only 99% Pure CBD Isolate meaning that these gummies contain no THC at all therefor there will be no risk of psychotropic effects. It also ensures that our Isolate based gummies a perfect choice for anyone who has to consider the implications of work based drug tests. These CBD gummies are vegan as you can see from the list below.

                 Gluten Free

                    Infused CBD
                    25mg of CBD per gummy
                    4 Different Fruit Flavours
                    Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians
                    Made using the finest American GMP certified CBD
                    Non GMO 
                    Lab Tested

This packs contain 4 different flavours including Raspberry, Mango, Lemon-Lime and Strawberry. These CBD gummies have been carefully infused during the manufacture of these to give accurate, desired dosing. As such, the CBD is encapsulated and has not been sprayed onto the product as is the case with some gummy based CBD goods currently on offer in the UK. These CBD gummies do not contain gluten.

The benefits of CBD use

Most people new to CBD obviously want to know what the benefits are and how the product CBD can help them. This is understandable but unfortunately it is not something we can directly state even given all the feedback and experience we have had with our customers over the years. Our hands are tied in this respect as we are not allowed to make medical claims, direct people to information that is out there on other websites (mainly American) or draw upon cases and experiences as mentioned earlier. It is with this that we would urge anyone considering the use of CBD to conduct their information gathering from the internet. In most instances the sites that can discuss CBD use, its benefits and provide examples of how great a product CBD is will be American based CBD websites and companies. We would advise that it is not a good idea to try to purchase CBD products from American websites as their allowable THC content in the U.S. is 0.3% which is higher that the U.K. legal limit and it could land you in a lot of trouble if caught importing it into the country so do not do this.  Even with THC-free products you still run the risk of them being confiscated by customs as special licenses are required to import CBD from America. 

However, with this in mind we can say that some of the CBD and cannabinoid information provided by these American companies is nothing short of fantastic.  

Those sites do not have the restrictions placed upon them in the same way that U.K. based CBD websites do. There is a wealth of excellent information out there that we would love to be able to share with you however this isn’t really possible under the current limitations placed upon us. If however, you would like us to advise you on what products we stock that may be best suited to meet your requirements we will be more than happy to do that. We have detailed our e-mail address at the bottom of this page and we also have a contact form should you wish to go through this process with us. We hope that you find the information needed to ensure that you make the best possible buying decision but we will certainly try to guide you within the restrictions that we have to work with. If you already know the benefits that this great product provides we hope that we can provide you with a suitable product from our range of CBD and CBG products.

The use of CBD edibles

A Tasty and popular way to use CBD

The use of edibles as a way of CBD dosing is becoming ever more popular as people look to buy more convenient, enjoyable options to experience the benefits of CBD. The benefits of using edible CBD goods over oil based tinctures are obvious with taste being the major factor. Also, the convenience of just popping a CBD edible food product into your mouth while on the move or just a normal part of your busy daily schedule is also very appealing. Some people allude to the fact that eating CBD sweets such as gummy bears and other edibles may not the best use of CBD, however it is certainly one of the most pleasurable. Where the amount of available CBD is considered to be less when it is eaten it also takes longer for the onset of the CBD. In some cases the CBD will need over an hour to start working. However, once the CBD from the edible starts to take effect it will generally last for a much longer period of time than would be the case for other CBD delivery methods. There are pros and cons to each CBD usage method, it really depends on your choice and what your priority is. Whichever one you choose or prefer we hope that you find a great match that from our range that will suit your specific requirements.

What are THC gummies as opposed to CBD gummies (UK)

2 completely different products

The difference between the two types of gummies listed here, especially in the U.K. is entered around the compounds used in each type of product which have been extracted from cannabis/hemp plants. The cannabis plant or hemp plant as it is referred to contains a large number of compounds of which THC and CBD are the most recognised. THC is known as the compound that induces a "high" when cannabis is smoked and in general terms is illegal in the U.K. However, as long as the THC level is below 0.2% in CBD or other hemp products it is classed as legal. (Cannabidiol) CBD products in the U.K. are passed as legal for use as long as those levels of THC contained are within the permitted guidelines. When people refer to THC gummies this is normally in relation to gummies that are illegal and are eaten to get someone stoned for want of a better expression. CBD gummies on the other hand are in effect cbd sweets that are eaten to realise the benefits that CBD products such as oil tinctures provide. These are just an alternative method for consuming CBD in the same way that CBD capsules are. As far as CBD based edibles are concerned CBD sweets and in particular gummy bears are by far the most popular method of Cannabidiol edibles in the world at present including the UK.

Are CBD edibles legal (UK)

The current situation regarding CBD edibles (UK)

UK CBD laws state that as long as the THC content within CBD falls below a set level (0.2%) then they are legal providing that any individual products contain less than 1 gram of THC. All of the edibles we sell are perfectly legal for use in the U.K

These are not to be confused with type of Cannabis edibles containing high THC levels that people would eat to try to get “high.” Our products are carefully manufactured and the CBD and CBG used has undertaken third party lab tests. All assurances can be given to the legality of the products we provide.

Different Types of edibles

Choose from a wide range of delicious CBD options

CBD food products or edibles as they are more commonly known come in many different types with gummy bears possibly the most well known CBD edible product. However, more and more we are seeing other brands around the world starting to offer all kind of CBD sweets containing CBD such as gummy worms or CBD Chocolate. Here at Incr-edibles we have a wide range of edible goods such as our 99% pure CBD Isolate gummies, our CBD mintsCBD capsules and our Raw Heather honey. If you are looking to use CBD edibles then we have a range of not only edible CBD products but also CBG edibles. In the UK, edible products are mainly made with CBD but we here at Incr-edibles are delighted to announce that we are now offering some delicious CBG edibles such as our Chocolate CBG truffles containing salted caramel. These can be purchased with either a hazelnut or toasted coconut outer. For more information on this or our CBG (Cannabigerol) take a look at our CBG oils page. We always aspire to making only excellent quality goods and realise that this can only be achieved by using only the best natural ingredients.

Our options are either 15 or 30 gummies per bag

Our THC-free Isolate based gummy cubes

At present we have two options available but we are looking to increase our line of gummies in the near future. These excellent gummy cubes are shown below, these gummies contain a fantastic 25mg dose of CBD per cube which is considered a very good amount of CBD and should account for a whole day in most circumstances.

Other ways to use CBD products

The many options available to you

There are many CBD product types available with the most common being in the form of CBD oils and tinctures. This normally involves taking CBD oil drops sublingually (under the tongue) from a dropper. This method is referred to as the First Bypass as it avoids the digestive system and is said to help improve the uptake and effect of the CBD products. Other forms of CBD use including;

                 Topical Products

                    CBD Oils / Tinctures 
                    Vaping & Smoking
                    Transdermal Patches
                    Beverages and CBD Water
                    Water Soluble CBD
                    Edibles incl gummies


As well as these THC-free CBD sweets we also stock CBD oil based products including Broad Spectrum CBD, a range of Flavoured CBD oil and a Water Soluble CBD alternative that you can find on our website. We make sure of our product quality by using only the best CBD available. We also have CBG (Cannabigerol) oil and CBD/CBG Blends and have recently introduced our Broad Spectrum CBD Raw Heather Honey and also our CBG option of this wonderful product. Whichever product you prefer and whatever dose or requirements you have we will have a product that should be a great match. We have what we believe to be a fantastic range of CBD and related Cannabinoids and we hope we can share the benefits of CBD usage with you. If you need help in relation to this, dosage amounts or anything else please get in touch with our customer service team by using our contact form or our email address

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