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CBD Dog Treats UK by Incr-edibles

CBD Dog Treats UK by Incr-edibles

Reasons to buy our delicious, effective CBD Treats for your dog?

Our range of CBD Dog Treats and our CBD Oil

We couldn’t provide such a wide range of great quality CBD (Cannabidiol) products without our CBD Treats as part of our CBD for Dogs range. We are delighted to be able to offer the benefits of CBD to help our fabulous four legged friends. Treats are a great daily supplement to support a healthy lifestyle for your dog or to help them where you think there may be a need. Although we cannot state specifically if these treats do help with certain conditions there is plenty anecdotal evidence on the internet alluding to the fact that they can be beneficial. Dog owners are using CBD Dog treats to try to alleviate certain issues such as joint pain, seizures, pain relief in relation to arthritis and hip dysplasia etc. in the U.K. we cannot state the benefits of CBD but there are many American based CBD websites who are perfectly happy to discuss this more openly as they have the freedom to do so. Either way, we think both you and your dog will be very happy with our treats. The following captions show our model Oscar was more than happy to put our CBD treats to the test

White Boxer dog looking at a CBD for Dogs treat during photo shoot White Boxer dog stealing a CBD for Dogs treat during photo shoot

A Delight for your dog

Made using only the finest natural Ingredients

We take great delight in offering this range of CBD products to include our CBD treats and our premium quality CBD Oil.  Using our vegan dog treat recipe we have made these great tasting biscuits for your favourite pets to try. We use only the finest natural products to make these treats including our 99% pure CBD Isolate.  As a result, this particular type of CBD used is a THC-Free product and as such, is in our opinion, the best CBD option for animals. Consisting of Bananas, Oats, Peanut Butter MCT Oil and CBD, these biscuits are cooked slowly over a 48 hour period. By following this process we ensure that the CBD contained will still retain its maximum effectiveness when used.

3 CBD Dog Treats from Incr-edibles CBD for Dogs range

CBD Dog Treat strengths

Our treats are available in 3 different strength options

Similar to our CBD Oil, we have decided that it made perfect sense to create these treats to suit each size of dog. As a result we supply 3 different strength combinations, 3mg, 6mg and 10mg treats for small, medium and large dogs. Each pack has 30 treats inside and we can assure you that these are made using only natural products, they are great in their simplicity. This is a very convenient way to provide your pet with an accurate daily CBD dosage.

30 Pack of 6mg CBD Dog Treats by Incr-edibles 30 Pack of 10mg CBD Dog Treats by Incr-edibles

The 99% pure Isolate based oil used in this particular recipe is also available as a separate product (see below). This can be bought and added into your pets favourite food should you choose to do this instead. Regardless of which type of these CBD products you choose, you can be safe in the knowledge that we have used only the best CBD quality products for your pet. Please be aware that other dog treats that are available in the United Kingdom and showing as hemp oil dog treats are not the same product. Although both types of product originate from the hemp plant they are not the same and hemp oil will not provide any of the benefits that CBD products offer.

30ml bottle of CBD for Dogs 600mg by Incr-edibles


CBD Oil for Dogs

Our Specially formulated CBD Dog oil is designed for dosing accuracy

As well as our delicious CBD treats we also provide our high quality 99% Pure CBD oil drops. Use our CBD oil bottled drops which you can add directly to your pets favourite food for hassle free dosing. Our CBD oil bottle contains 600mg of CBD it is provided at this strength to keep dosing amounts easy to calculate. Each drop from this bottle will contain 1mg of CBD and as such the directions for use are as follows;

 Small Dogs.                             3mg dose.                   3 drops

 Medium Sized Dogs.               6mg dose.                   6 drops

  Large Dogs.                           10mg dose.                 10 drops

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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