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A guide to CBD Isolate by Incr-edibles

Healthier and More Vibrant: An Introduction to CBD Isolate

Please find here a brief description of CBD Isolate, its background and uses by Incr-edibles.

CBD Isolate is one of the most popular CBD products on the market today. It's made from high-grade CBD hemp, and all THC has been removed from it during the extraction process. This means that you can use CBD Isolate to create more natural healthful foods or supplements without worrying about psychoactive effects! In this blog post, we will go over some of the benefits that come with using CBD Isolate for your personal needs.

Is CBD isolate legal in the UK?

People often ask if CBD is legal in the UK. Cannabidiol CBD is legal in the UK providing that the levels of THC fall below 0.2% and that the CBD is sourced from hemp, not marijuana. Our products are all made from hemp derived CBD and as such are 100% legal within the U.K.

Can you fail a drug test with CBD Isolate

People concerned with drug testing as a part of their employment should have no concerns using CBD products made using only pure CBD Isolate. This is because all other compounds including THC have been removed during the manufacturing process. There should be no trace amounts of THC within any CBD Isolate product, any that are should be at levels that are termed as non detectable and would not impacting any test results. This really is a CBD without any worry in that respect and is by far the best CBD product to use should testing be a possibility within your profession.

What are the benefits of using CBD isolate?

The benefits of CBD use are numerous and there are many great reasons to use CBD Isolates. For starters, it's easier on your digestive system and has been said to help with issues like IBS or Crohn's Disease. CBD Isolate is also the best choice for using CBD with other medications due to its purity. The CBD Isolate that we at Incr-edibles use is 99% pure, made in the USA and manufactured in line with Good Manufacturing Processes.

Strawberry CBD oil 1200mg

What is CBD isolate oil?

CBD Isolate Oil is CBD that has been made by using CBD Isolate crystals / Isolate based CBD powder. This is generally just a measured amount of CBD powder mixed in with a carrier oil of choice such as a quality MCT Oil, Olive oil or similar.

CBD Oils are available in a wide variety of options including flavoured oils, oils using different carrier oils, strengths and prices. Our own Isolate CBD Oils we stock start at 300mg CBD and go up to 1200mg and are available in 5 fruit flavours as well as our unflavoured option. All Isolate based CBD oils sold by us are GMP certified and are made using CBD isolate manufactured in the USA.

What is the difference between Broad or Full Spectrum CBD and CBD isolate?

Products made with pure CBD Isolate differ from Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum products in that CBD Isolate is CBD in its purest form. It does not contain and other compounds found in hemp and CBD products, such as the plant's THC. The term "Isolate" refers to the fact that the CBD has been isolated from the other compounds normally present within the hemp/cannabis plant.

Is CBD isolate better?

This question pops up regularly within CBD circles and there is no definitive answer. While many will point to the named "Entourage effect"of Broad and Full Spectrum products where other cannabinoids, terpenes and such are present there is emerging evidence of singular cannabinoids being particularly powerful. Some scientists have gone as far to suggest that Full Spectrum CBD with all it's compounds is akin to "Chemical Chaos." For informational purposes and an explanation of that theory you may find this article helpful but please keep in mind that this is just one opinion among many. Our own experience with customers and personal use suggest that a good quality Isolate based CBD product is most certainly not to be overlooked.

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Which Products do we make using CBD Isolate

Here at Incr-edibles we use our 99% Pure CBD isolate in a number of our food products. It is a very flexible and consistent form of CBD and great to work with. Our range of Flavoured CBD Oils are made using it as well as our unflavoured option. It is also used with our delicious Scottish Raw Heather Honey and it is our go to CBD product of choice for our range of excellent dog products. These include our CBD Oil for Dogs and our various strengths of CBD Dog Treats.

What is the strongest CBD oil you can get in the UK?

This question is not one that has great merit but we would like to address. We have noticed recently that there is a shift in product strength and companies offering higher and higher dosage strengths of CBD. Although at first glance these deals appear to be more economical to users, this is generally not the case at all. We here at Incr-edibles avoid high strength options as we do not feel these are in the best interests of our customers. An example of this would be a company offering a 10ml bottle containing 3000mg of CBD. Each drop from this bottle would be the equivalent of 15mg of CBD. Where a customer required a dosage of 20mg to attain their benefit they would have no option but to take 2 drops (30mg CBD) as 1 drop (15mg CBD) would not suffice.

Therefor, each time that this customer took their CBD they would ultimately lose 10mg per serving as there is no flexibility in the available dosage amount. This would mean that in this example the customer would lose 33% of the cost of the bottle by having to take a 30mg dose instead of the 20mg needed.

How do you use pure CBD isolate powder?

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Options for using CBD Isolate include :

- Put it in a capsule and swallow with water

- Add to food or bake with it

- Add to creams, lotions or balms

- Mix with your favourite oil to make tinctures

How much does CBD isolate cost?

The costs of CBD Isolate varies enormously based on a given number of variables such as country of origin, the testing and background behind its production and the quality of the CBD. How much you buy can also play a big part in the price that is offered to you. If you are in the process of starting your own business to sell CBD or would like to considering making your own new products please get in touch using our contact form to see what we can do to help.

Quality above everything else

Here at incr-edibles our emphasis is and always has been on the quality of product and the testing behind its production. Where peoples health is concerned we do not cut corners. We work with one of the largest Global supplier of Cannabinoids and as such we have certificates covering every aspect of manufacture. All our isolate crystals and related products are lab tested for purity by our supplier and once me make our own finished products with these we commence our own set of 3rd party lab tests to ensure accuracy of the levels of product contained within our oils.