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CBD Honey 1800mg by Incr-edibles

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CBD Honey 1800mg by Incr-edibles

This fantastic CBD Honey 1800mg by Incr-edibles has been introduced to our range to provide a compelling, natural product full of goodness while offering all the benefits of CBD. While 1800mg of CBD is a large amount, it is one substantial jar of honey. This 300ml jar contains 480 grams of beautiful-tasting Scottish Raw Heather Honey. We chose this type of honey after much searching and deliberation due to its taste and appearance. We were hooked from the first taste of this excellent honey; it was unlike any honey we had previously tasted and looked so different. The depth of colour and the flavour are not what you would expect to see; this Raw Heather Honey almost looks like a caramel sauce, thick and creamy with a light brown colour; it tastes beautiful.

We added a substantial 1800mg of our 99% pure, THC-free CBD to this beautiful honey. The CBD used is a premium American CBD made to the highest standards and in line with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). We also use our unique biophotonic glassware jars to preserve and enhance our product's longevity. Great CBD, our fantastic Raw Heather Honey and appropriate glassware all add to what we feel is the best CBD honey available.

After Adrain Charlton of Fera Science researched it, Scottish Raw Heather Honey is now considered a superfood. His team found that Scottish heather honey contained up to 10 times more Manganese than nearly every superfood, excluding nuts. Manganese is an essential trace mineral that the body needs but does not produce.

As well as our CBD Honey 1800mg by Incr-edibles we also offer these other 3 options including our CBG Heather honey.

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CBG Honey 1800mg

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