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CBD Balm 200mg by Incr-edibles

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CBD Balm 200mg by Incr-edibles

What are the benefits of using a CBD Balm over oral CBD products?

Anyone new to CBD may wonder why CBD creams, salves and balms are becoming popular as an alternative to CBD oils and other edible CBD products such as CBD Gummies and Soft Gels. This popularity is because rather than consuming CBD orally, you can quickly and effectively target specific problem areas of the body using a topical product.

When you rub a CBD Balm, cream or salve on a localised area such as a sore knee or wrist, the CBD within the product will permeate the skin and start working directly on the site where it has been applied. By doing this, you can target aches and pain much more effectively than you can by using oral CBD alternatives.

What makes our CBD Balm different?

The CBD market in the UK and the rest of the world is growing at a fantastic rate, and as such, the number of products available grows daily, leaving the inevitable question, “Where do I start?” 

Our ethos here at Incr-edibles is, and always has been, to provide only the best possible cannabinoid products that we have access to, and as customers, we can’t highlight enough that this is what you should be looking to achieve. After all, if you are using any CBD product, you want to ensure it is safe, that it has undergone all the necessary testing and that the cannabinoid ingredients are of the highest possible standard.

Akin to our edible CBD options, we have ensured that topical products such as this CBD balm are created using only the finest American CBD. This CBD originates in and around Colorado and is from Organically grown approved hemp. The CBD used is GMP-certified and has been independently lab-tested for purity and safety. All of the topical products we provide are compliant and legal in the UK, Europe, and the USA. 


This lovely scented Lavender balm is infused with 200mg of THC-Free CBD, providing a solid and effective solution for direct application. This 30ml tin is an excellent size for conveniently carrying around during your daily routine for discreet application when required.  

Ingredients: Coconut Refined, Jojoba Butter, Beeswax, Lavender Essential Oil, Calendula Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Oil, THC-Free CBD.

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