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Advice on choosing CBD Oil

How to Choose a CBD Oil

 may have heard some say it; CBD oil is what you desperately need for wellness, calmness, and overall mood enhancement. 

However, not often overemphasised is that you will need to know how to choose a high-quality CBD oil to get the purported benefits. 

With accurate information, selecting high-quality CBD oil isn't complicated, regardless of how many UK brands sell CBD oil. 

Below are the five primary factors to consider before settling for any bottle: 

1. There is a difference between CBD oil and hemp seed oil

Today, there is still misinformation about how CBD oil and hemp seed oil (sometimes referred to as hemp oil) differ. 

If you buy hemp seed oil, you will NOT benefit from the only merits of CBD oil. With that in mind, it is worth confirming that the package you choose is CBD oil. 

A great way to go about it is for a reputable CBD oil brand such as Incr-edibles and read the descriptions. 

2. How much THC does the oil contain?

Those who undergo regular drug tests know that failing it can lead to the loss of a dream job, suspension, or even traveling to some countries. 

With that in mind, you will need to ensure that you know the amounts of THC in a bottle of CBD oil before you spend a dime on it. Legally, CBD products have to come from the hemp plant and contain up to 0.2% THC, and this is what you should choose. 

The Incr-edibles Flavoured CBD oil options come in the isolate form, and thus you shouldn't worry about failing any drug test. 

3. Is the oil safe?

While the World Health Organisation reports that CBD oil is generally safe, it is worth it for the buyer to go the extra mile and ensure that it meets the threshold.

An excellent starting way to go about this is to ensure that the hemp plants from which the CBD oil originates are pesticide-free and free of toxins.

We at Incr-edibles use Premium American CBD that is GMP-certified. 

4. Are there Third-Party Laboratory Results?

Third-Party Lab results show the amount of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoid compounds contained within the CBD. These tests would also flag up any unwanted contaminants if, for any reason, there was an issue.

As you choose your CBD oil, it is worth ensuring that the seller avails it at your request. Should you be interested to see ours, contact us, and we will be happy to show you our certificate of analysis across our array of CBD oils. 

5. Knowing the CBD amount is vital.

CBD oil is, in most instances, measured in milligrams, and the bottle needs to show how many milligrams of CBD is within the oil. This way, you can calculate based on your dosing requirements how long each product will last.

For example, beginner CBD users generally start with lower-dose bottles (such as 300mg or 600mg) to see if the product suits their requirements. 

Once the initial testing process is complete, users tend to move on to higher strength options that are more economical for long-term use.

Users can quickly identify CBD strength or concentrations by reading the products' labels or discussing this with their supplier. 


Choosing CBD oil doesn't have to be complicated. As a rule of thumb, you will need to select the product that offers the assurance that it's legal, profoundly safe, and efficient of what you would love to solve while using it. 

At Incr-edibles, we tick all of the above in the affirmative. We are looking forward to offering CBD oil to you that does what we say.