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5ml CBD Flavoured Oil from our "545" range

5ml CBD Flavoured Oil from our "545" range
1 mg per drop
5ml CBD Flavoured Oil from our "545" range

              CBD Type:                     Isolate

              Size of Bottle:                 5ml

              Drops per Bottle:             100 drops

              Mg of CBD per drop:                     1mg

              CBD Concentration:                     2%

              Cost per 10mg serving:             £0.50

              CBD Country of origin:             U.S.A.

Incr-edibles 100% money back guarantee

CBD Flavoured Oil - This is our 99% pure CBD Isolate based oil, available unflavoured or with 5 other fruit flavours. These are Strawberry, Lemon, Banana, Orange or Mint which we use to enhance the taste of these oil based CBD products. This particular type of CBD is as pure as it comes and has no THC included at all. It is 100% safe as a product for anyone who may have to undertake work base drug tests. This CBD is also made using our premium grade MCT Oil.

Ingredients:  CBD, Natural Flavouring, MCT Oil, 

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