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5ml CBD/CBG Blend from our "545" range

5ml CBD/CBG Blend from our "545" range
1 mg per drop
5ml CBD/CBG Blend from our "545" range

              CBD & CBG Type:     Isolates

              Size of Bottle:                 5ml

              Drops per Bottle:             100 drops

              Mg per drop:                             1mg

              Concentration:                             2%

              Cost per 10mg serving:             £0.50

              Country of origin:                     U.S.A.

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CBD/CBG Blend -We have introduced this particular product to bring you the best of both worlds. Our CBG has been blended with CBD to create a product that maximises the potential of each individual Cannabinoid. This match is one that has been identified as being extremely beneficial.

Ingredients: CBD, CBG (Cannabigerol), MCT Oil.

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