Beautiful Shiny Gold logo showing the Letter “I” as a vase with a hemp leaf growing out the top of the I and the rooting system growing out of the bottom of the letter I, similar to the tree if life but using a complete hemp plant contained within the letter I.

Incr-edibles CBD – Supplier of premium quality CBD & CBG products

We create and supply premium-quality CBD & CBG goods using innovative ideas to enhance the experience of using these fascinating products.

A white childproof container with a black label advising that this is 25mg CBD Gummies, the total mg content of the container is showing as 750mg (30 gummies) and the carton is positioned behind four different coloured gummies. The gummies are red, green, yellow and orange in colour and are covered with a sprinkled sugar coating. The label shows this product to be by Incr-edibles

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Fantastic. Is there a better way to use CBD? We don’t think so. These 25mg CBD gummies have been created following some lengthy, painstaking work by our supplier. These gummies result from 3 years of work trying different recipes to enhance and perfect their product. We are convinced they have done just that: infused CBD, not sprayed, and available in 4 tasty flavours.

Black 30ml dropper bottle standing upright showing gold coloured writing that states CBD Water Soluble and a blue band displaying “Broad Spectrum” the strength is 600mg by Incr-edibles CBD.

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Water-soluble CBD is a fantastic type of CBD that enhances the efficacy of the contained CBD due to its compatibility with our bodies. Unique formulation helps this CBD to be absorbed much more effectively by our bodies, enhancing the benefits that CBD can provide. A very efficient and flexible CBD product that can also be added to many beverages.

Black 30ml dropper bottle standing upright showing gold coloured writing that states CBD Water Soluble of strength 1200mg by Incr-edibles CBD.

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Is drug testing a consideration in your line of work? If so, has it stopped you from trying CBD products? If the answer to either of those questions is “yes,” we have you covered with this safe and highly efficient THC-Free CBD product. Not only will this give you the peace of mind you require regarding drug tests, but it is also very effective due to its Bioavailability.

Four different shaped black containers set amongst Lavender flowers and peppermint leaves. This is a group of different CBD lotions and balms all on a super white surface with two images raised on a stand. The products are emblazoned with gold writing and the hemp leaf logo of Incr-edibles CBD.

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These CBD lotions & balms are a great way of targeting skin conditions or pain points throughout the body in a direct manner. This targeting of localised pain using topical CBD products has been shown to provide excellent results. Our two types of CBD Balm, CBD Moisturiser and CBD Cooling gel, have been created to offer alternatives to ingestible CBD.

Two black cups and one saucer showing two crumpets covered in honey alongside a large tall black jar with a label stating this is 1800mg Raw Heather Honey infused with CBD (Cannabidiol) by Incr-edibles CBD Products

Buy CBD & CBG Heather Honey

If you are looking for an alternative to “the norm” when it comes to ingestible cannabinoid products, then look no further. When this idea was born, we spent much time and energy finding our source for the best possible honey. We reached our goal and now offer this fantastic Scottish Raw Heather Honey to compliment our premium-quality CBD & CBG isolates.

Black 30ml dropper bottle standing upright showing gold coloured writing that states Unflavoured CBD Oil of strength 300mg by Incr-edibles CBD

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What can we say? Our Unflavoured CBD Oils are where our journey started all those years ago. It is the backbone of many of our products, and for good reason. This 99% pure, American-made, isolate-based CBD is of the highest quality and is made using Good Manufacturing Practices. Tasteless and odourless, this is an ideal entry into the CBD world if you are a new user.

A Shiny White plastic container displays the Incr-edibles gold hemp leaf logo advising the product is for 900mg CBD Isolate Soft Gels. The pack contains 30 capsules, five of which are displayed at the front of the container on the white shiny surface.

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We have stated above that our Unflavoured CBD oil is a stable of many products within our range. These CBD Soft Gels are a testament to that. This product contains unflavoured oil within a soft gel capsule, an easy and convenient daily-use method. Consistent and accurate dosing every time makes this a tremendous on-the-go CBD choice.

Two beautiful Shetland Collie dogs lying beside each other on a white glossy surface. One shows the normal associated collie colours of white, tan and small traces of black while the other is merle/dapple showing large grey patches.

Buy CBD Oil for Dogs

If you are looking to find a fantastic CBD oil product for your dog then we think we have what you need. Our 600mg CBD Oil for Dogs is specifically formulated to a strength of 1mg per drop to guarantee easy and accurate dosing time after time using on of the best Isolate-based CBD ingredients on the market. Our Trustpilot reviews are testament to the excellent efficacy of this product and how much it can help.

Black 30ml dropper bottle standing upright showing gold coloured writing that states CBG of strength 2400mg by Incr-edibles CBD. The hemp leaf logo of Incr-edbles CBD is all visible on the label

Buy CBG Oils

CBG Oil (Cannabigerol) is another fascinating compound in the hemp plant. Like CBD, CBG is said to have a beneficial impact on several health-related issues, such as inflammation and Crohn’s disease, assist in pain management and help people with anxiety-related problems. This cannabinoid product is worth serious consideration as an alternative to CBD.

A black 30ml dropper bottle of 1200mg strawberry-flavoured CBD Oil drops by Incr-edibles stands alongside a group of three large, bright red strawberries. All are positioned on a super-white, shiny surface.

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Our range of Flavoured CBD oils come in three different strengths and with a choice of either banana, lemon, mint, orange and strawberry flavouring. These products use 100% organic MCT oil, which is tasteless and odourless, allowing for the full flavour of each product to be experienced as intended. We use our 99% pure, GMP American CBD for these products.


Four small 5ml dropper bottles stand side-by-side on a shiny white surface with a label advising it is 545 range of products including, Unflavoured CBD Oil, Water Soluble CBD, CBD/CBG Blended Oil and CBG (Cannabigerol) by Incr-edibles.

Buy CBD & CBG Sample Bottles

Our “545” range of CBD sample bottles has been created to allow you to trial any cannabinoid products for only £5. If you are new to CBD or CBG and are unsure of which product would best suit your needs, this is an ideal way to begin that journey. We will refund the £5 spent on your first order of the same product in a larger bottle.

Four Black 30ml dropper bottles stand side by side with labels showing that they are 1200mg Orange, Lemon, Mint and Strawberry-flavoured CBG oil products by Incr-edibles. The bands on each bottle are colour co-ordinated, orange-yellow, green and red.

Buy Flavoured CBG Oils

Here we offer four flavoured options for our 98%-pure CBG Oil (Cannabigerol). Upon release, this was the first range of flavoured CBG oils in the UK providing customers with an alternative to unflavoured CBG oil. These beautiful flavoured CBG options enhance what is the most comprehensive range of CBG Oil products currently available in the UK.

Black 30ml dropper bottle standing upright showing gold coloured writing that states CBD/CBG Blend of strength 300mg by Incr-edibles CBD.

Buy CBD/CBG Blended Oils

Our CBD/CBG blended oils give you the best of both worlds when it comes to CBD (Cannabidiol) and CBG (Cannabigerol). By combining both of these products together we can enhance the efficiency of each individual compound. With this range, we offer you a choice from four 30ml bottles strength concentrations running from a mild 300mg option through to very strong 2400mg product. Additionally, we also provide two further bottles in the shape of 10ml bottles offering you either a 6% (600mg) or 12% (1200mg) alternative. Another varied range that is available from Incr-edibles CBD.

Three biscuits sit piled on top of one another. The colours resemble that of tablet, a light beige colour and they each have a small peak in the centre. The biscuits sit on top of a super-white glossy surface.

Buy CBD Treats

Our CBD Treats are made using peanut butter, fresh bananas, oats, CBD and a small amount of MCT oil. These treats are baked at low temperatures to ensure the CBD is not compromised, thus maintaining maximum efficacy. This product was designed for dogs and is not ideal for people due to its texture.

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